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Quest 3 stuck in Battery Saver Mode

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So I toggled the battery saver mode 3 days ago and ofc it lowered resolution. I wanted to test the feature. So I toggled it on, saw the change, and then toggled it off. When I turned it off, the resolution stayed the same, the fovetated size stayed the same. Everything was the same as if I was still on battery saver mode (with full charge on the headset).


I ignored this issue until today as I cannot deal with it anymore. I restarted the device, resolution is still low, text is pixelated, FOV is terrible, everything warped. The headset thinks I'm in battery saver mode still. Tried toggling it on and off and there is literally no change when turning it on, and of course no change when going back to off.



Please help. 


I'm on v60

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I think there should be difference with on and off



3. no

4. yes

5. yes

6. no

7. no, tried all I could find on the net.

8. Just look at all the posts complaining about bad passthrough quality.

I've had this issue from day one, now 25 days in. It's very disappointing to see this has been going on to with random headsets since launch and has not been fixed. Can't read phone or computer screen in pass through. I didn't notice the graininess in the home screen until the other day when I switched backgrounds. I mainly do pcvr and spent days adjusting settings to get the best quality and it's still below what my hardware is capable of. 


Can we get any updates regarding this issue? This kind of bug should be number one priority to fix. We have already gave plenty of information here + bug reports. With this limitation and degreade in quality we are basically getting half what we should expect from this headset.

@ShiroTenko @AliceinVRworld 

Yes! So the team will need an ADB bug report if someone can provide it.

This type of bug report will require command-line knowledge and familiarity with Quest Developer tools. If there is someone in this thread who has this type of knowledge and is willing to provide a report, please let me or @AliceinVRworld know. Thank you!

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Meta Quest Support
Meta Quest Support

Yes! Please send us a PM as we can send the information needed! 

We are all mad here.


I'm stuck in the same boat and it impacts PCVR as well as far as I can tell.  Shot both of you a PM but hoping for a resolution soon.  Really takes away from the experience honestly.  


 here is what I’m stuck with at all times.  Hopefully Meta can post a solution soon! 

Meta Quest Support
Meta Quest Support

I am still waiting for any updates on this! Will let you know if I get anything! 

We are all mad here.

Any updates at all? Ice had this thing for only 3 days and its been amazing now tho im stuck in this terrible battery saber mode please help i spent literally 700 or so on this

Meta Quest Support
Meta Quest Support


Hey everyone! Engineers are currently looking into this and in the meantime, will need you to get connected with support using this link here. They will need to provide a few steps and possibly collect logs. As well as getting this escalated to our internal specialist through email. Our support will have the tools to get a better look into this for you! As well as submitting a bug report! 

In addition, please get connected with our support through a PM by clicking their name @MetaQuestSupport and making sure you're signed in. 

We are all mad here.
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