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Quest 3 stuck in Battery Saver Mode

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So I toggled the battery saver mode 3 days ago and ofc it lowered resolution. I wanted to test the feature. So I toggled it on, saw the change, and then toggled it off. When I turned it off, the resolution stayed the same, the fovetated size stayed the same. Everything was the same as if I was still on battery saver mode (with full charge on the headset).


I ignored this issue until today as I cannot deal with it anymore. I restarted the device, resolution is still low, text is pixelated, FOV is terrible, everything warped. The headset thinks I'm in battery saver mode still. Tried toggling it on and off and there is literally no change when turning it on, and of course no change when going back to off.



Please help. 


I'm on v60

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So I can’t say for sure how clear it should be as actual video,  or video shown from a cast is hard to find.  However, for me in a shell let room I  able to easily read my phone as long as it’s not to far away and I am able to read hand written objects. It’s not exactly like in real life and if move at all if becomes blurry. If I move REALLY slowly it doesn’t get blurry. I would say it’s about 90% of what the world normally looks like. Just a couple notes. Day light light bulbs seem to be better than warm white. While I know IPD doesn’t have anything to do with grainy or pixels have you adjust the ipd dial?  Is it better if you close one eye?

Ya I used a couple of apps to measure my PD and both were 65 and it feels comfortable at that setting also. If I move really close wearing the headset to my computer monitor, which is a 32 inch 2k gaming monitor, I can read the text. Like 8 inches close. I wish I could get a pic of what I see through the headset. I might have to accept that this is actually how the headset is suppose to look like and others may just think it's really clear compared to earlier model VR sets.


Ya I'm starting to think this is just how it's suppose to look. It's not practical to use while at a computer because you have to lift the headset up and down to read your screen or keyboard. Also has anyone tried out that free Asgard game? Does it look sharp and clear for you? The resolution of the game in my headset feels about 1024x768 quality.

Super clear for me. Everything is very clear except the pass through but honestly once I jumped through my hoops is now useable enough that I don’t have to take my headset off to do anything. (Phone, grab a bite from the fridge, write something down etc). Like I said not like looking through glass but not bad at all. 

I’m curious what your battery life is like?  Mine without  battery pack is about 1 hour 15 min give or take 5 min. 

Mine stays on cord so never tested it. Got a 16ft 3.0 USB-C cable.

Oh man get yourself like a 4 foot cable and a battery pack and stick it in your pocket if you aren’t going to get a battery headstrap. It’s a whole new world to move around untethered

It's for Steam VR. I sit mostly LOL. I'm on my feet 12 hours a day as it is.

Fair enough.  Have you tried the pass through when you are using the headset standalone?  I’m assuming not since you said you are always tethered. I doubt that would change anything. But maybe worth a try?  Also, confirming you did a factory reset from the headset itself where you get the usb boot menu options?  And you did it after doing a hard reset first?


Ya I do use it on battery alone but not for heavy gaming. If anything, being hooked up all the time should keep it off any battery saving mode. I have reset it with and without cable hooked up. I have done a reset through the app, Hard reset, soft reset, the android boot menu. Every way you can reset. I watched many videos last night and they all say and show the same thing. It's not as pretty as the PR videos put out. Maybe it will get better at some point. I saw there was an update V62 coming in a few days. We'll see how that does. As it goes now passthrough is just not practical to use besides a few of the fun games. I do a lot of mechanical work on my cars and motorcycle and I couldn't imagine using the AR to have how-to videos or manuals up while you work on detailed parts like some videos show people doing. It just wouldn't be clear enough see anything. I couldn't imagine reading 10mm on a socket.....

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