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Quest 3 stuck in Battery Saver Mode

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So I toggled the battery saver mode 3 days ago and ofc it lowered resolution. I wanted to test the feature. So I toggled it on, saw the change, and then toggled it off. When I turned it off, the resolution stayed the same, the fovetated size stayed the same. Everything was the same as if I was still on battery saver mode (with full charge on the headset).


I ignored this issue until today as I cannot deal with it anymore. I restarted the device, resolution is still low, text is pixelated, FOV is terrible, everything warped. The headset thinks I'm in battery saver mode still. Tried toggling it on and off and there is literally no change when turning it on, and of course no change when going back to off.



Please help. 


I'm on v60

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Got it. Yea I agree. It’s misleading when they post the video that is cast versus what is actually in the headset. It’s a huge step up from other pass through but not perfect. I do for sure think there is a battery saver issue as at one point mine had gotten so bad I could only read it with one eye closed. Now I can at least read it like normal. It’s just not crystal clear. 


I'm realistic. I don't expect 4k passthrough. I just want to read my giant monitor in front of me comfortably. Or a headset strap motor that can lift it up and down over my face on command....LOL.
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Having the same issue as well. It's been like this since I bought the Quest 3. Didn't realize it could be better until I saw this post. Can this be fixed with a firmware update or do I have a faulty unit?

Meta hasn’t confirmed yet but som users are reporting a factory reset fixed their issues. I’m leaning towards a firmware/software fix but no official answer from Meta yet.  


I wouldn't say I'm OCD......ok I will say I am, but I have reset my headset 15 times now in the last week. Just in the slim chance it's some RNG thing, LOL. So far the RNG gods are against me. Or there is nothing wrong with it in the first place.

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Yeah. i have this issue on my quest 3.

the only time it isn’t extremely grainy is when i turned on one of those really bright light rings.

but even there it’s kinda grainy.

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I cannot see a differense switching between battery saving mode and normal mode. The image just quickly flashes. Passthrough is extremely grainy. Is this the same behaviour you are seing?

Hi, I dont notice difference in menu. But when playing games like asgards wrath 2 or dungeons of eternity I can clearly see difference when toggling that setting on and off.

That's exactly what mine does. If you reboot it after doing that you won't even get a flash anymore. It just switches back and forth with no change until you reset the headset.


To help some that may not know what the issue is. I have a picture that closely represents what the passthrough looks like. Since we can't take an accurate picture through the lenses of what I see I had to find the best comparison. Now look at this picture and think slightly less blur and more pixelation. If I move something within 3-4 inches of the screen I can see it somewhat clearly but warped. Like my monitor, my phone, a picture on the wall.


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