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Quest Content Delivery Network seriously faulty - Can we sideload Quest Store Apps?


Just trying to download Asgard's Wrath 2... The one that comes with quest. And it's highlighted the next major failure of Meta - and has predicted the end of Meta's VR technology within about 12 months if the Quest 3 OS doesn't get fixed. 

The problem is that new apps are 30Gb upwards - this was always likely once the Quest 3 started out with 512gb, and the new games look great - they really do. The quality is getting there, but the games are really starting to get amazing - challenging Steam VR for the first time.

The problem is that Meta's CDN isn't up to the task. I can forgive the odd issue such as not being able to log in -usually because Meta's servers are so overloaded they can't even send me a SMS... But when I can't down load a game, because no matter how long I wait, it just keeps failing to download, that's a serious issue. 32Gb doesn't come down in a few seconds or even minutes like most META content. It takes many hours most of the time. And that's only if it works, which it does not.

Instead, on each application failure - the game download counter resets, and you start A L L - O V E R - A G A I N... And then it fails again. Then you start again. Then if fails again.

There is no way to save your progress and just continue the download. You get one crack at it, which usually fails when it's 32Gb, and then you have to start again. Leaving the headset powered up DOES NOT WORK. It will fail nearly all the time if it's not on your head. And even when it's on your head, you CAN'T DO ANYTHING, because it will cause your headset to fail.

This is a serious consumer failure by Meta...How do we fix it? Can we sideload Quest Store apps? Download them to a PC then transfer them locally via the quest link? Can we download it in parts somehow then reassemble the parts?

If it's impossible to get any content for the Quest 3 because the CDN isn't up to scratch, then the platform is going to die and very quickly so. How do we get around the problem of Meta apps just getting way too big to download reliably onto the quest?


Expert Protege

Just wondered if you're possibly using a 4G/5G network connection?


Meta Quest Support
Meta Quest Support

Hey there! Just like @derek__m  mentioned regarding the network you have. There is a known issue with this currently and engineers are aware of it!

We are all mad here.
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