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Quest Link - Startup Straight to Desktop View?

Honored Guest

Hi Guys, I use my Meta Quest 3 pretty much exclusively on my PC over Link as a simracer, the headset is awesome and has been a massive step up from my old Rift S.

It's nice that I can now load the Link App and instantly put my headset on with the link active (USB Link auto-connect) however I still have to grab a controller to then close the first window (I forget what it is? maybe some sort of news feed?) and then click to open the desktop view. This is a real pain because its the ONLY time I need to reach for the controllers there is no hand tracking either to be able to just click the desktop view. Once I load into the desktop, I never need the controllers again as I exclusively load into races etc or browse the web with keyboard and mouse.

My question, so I can put the controllers away in the cupboard and not have to have them out and keep batteries for them all the time, is there any way of when activating Quest Link so it automatically just shows the desktop when active?

Would be a great help, and if not, can we get this feature added, a "Startup Application" or "Show on Startup" option (maybe I should post in the ideas section?!)


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I'm also seeking the same answer. I saw something on another site about a way you could script it but can't find that link anymore. I guess using SideLoad maybe you could install an app like Tasker that runs a function to do it automatically when connecting the USB but not found a concrete solution yet.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi there, @ColonelSt4rfish and @stumbows! We recognize how beneficial having the headset automatically connect to Meta Quest Link could be, and we want to make sure your voice is heard on this subject! Although this feature does not currently exist, as the headset is a standalone product and therefore, will automatically launch into standalone mode when powered on, we think is this such a great idea! With this in mind, we ask that you both share this feedback on our Ideas Page when you have the time. We're always looking for ways to improve the VR experience for everyone, so we'll be very glad to hear from you! 

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@MetaQuestSupport You did not understand the feature that was requested. We do not want auto connect to Quest Link, which you already have if you have a USB-Cable connected. We want the automatic view of the desktop on Start with Quest Link OR handtracking, so we do not need the controllers anymore to startup the desktop view.

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Yes @MetaQuestSupport we want a new Option in the Meta App to join automaticly to the Desktop, if we activate Oculus Link and don´t wan´t see the Game-Menü. Thank you.

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