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Quest Link is freezing on my Quest 2


So when i play a game (blade and sorcery) i can play for a solid 5-20 mins before my game freezes and when i look all around on my left and right i see this zigzag line, when i look up the zigzag line gets more straight, and when i look behind me i see a reversed picture of what froze upside-down, and i tried doing a lot but nothing worked so please help

PS: it looks like this btw (no that is not me)


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How can i check?:
Go to your quest link app, devices, your vr device, and then scroll down to USB test, after that you should see the Bandwidth, that has to be atleast above 1 GBPS if it isnt, you need a new usb

But if you cant get a usb for some reason, use airlink instead

i hope this fixed your problem

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello there @Sovietguy4177! We want to ensure you are able to fully enjoy VR, and having freezes with distortion is not ideal. We see you have attempted a few things already, and to help us narrow down the next steps and prevent duplicating any steps, please let us know the troubleshooting you have attempted so far. Does this happen when playing any other games or happen outside of the game in the home environment when left running for the same amount of time? We look forward to hearing back, and have a great day!

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Hey meta, When i play other games this still happens, but it resets the timer so if i play 20 mins of 1 game, it freezes and if i switch games, the timer resets, but still freezes after 20 mins and it never happens outside quest link, and i use cable btw


Hey again @Sovietguy4177. Thanks for giving us this information. We did have a few questions about your device since we now know the details you gave us.


  •  Is the device fully charging?
  • Have you tried using another link cable? 
  • Also, make sure you're not bogging down your system with having a lot of things running in the background as well. 
  • Checking your PC storage may be helpful in allowing you to clear up some space as well. 
  • If none of these steps work, factory resetting the device may be helpful. Directions to reset are here. (We do suggest to perform a back up first). 

 After doing so, let us know what works for you and what doesn't so that we can explore other options. Hope to hear from you soon!

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So today i played it and i got to play for a solid 1 or 2 hours surprisingly it never glitched out, ill play tomorrow so ill give an update tomorrow

BTW: i never changed anything really, 

I'm so glad i found this page. especially since its so recent. I'm have the same issue and its so frustrating because i feel like I'm wasting money on these vr games.

Did you factory reset it or what did you do that made it work?

@Sovietguy4177, We are glad to hear you were able to play for an extended period of time with no issues. Please keep us updated, and if you still need assistance, please reach back out to us. @TheBoiIsHere06 We would be happy to look into this further, and if you could provide any steps you have already attempted, this can help narrow down the possible next steps. We look forward to hearing back!

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Last night i factory reset my headset and it lasted like 30 minutes rather then like 5. But it is still crashing. I have checked my computers specs, and they are well above the recommended specs. But in the link app it tells me they don't meet the specs. I have plenty of storage and my steam vr, oculus link, and the vr games are all i have running.

We understand you were still encountering some trouble after a factory reset. So that we can investigate further, could you provide the specifications for the PC as well as what happens when you encounter the crash? This can help narrow down the possible causes so that we can continue to investigate. We appreciate your time and look forward to hearing back!

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