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Quest Link not working anymore, crashes after few seconds

Level 3
I can't use Quest Link anymore since today. There wasn't any change on my PC or VR environment.
This issue applies to Air Link and Quest Link with official cable.
Here is what happens:
1) I launch Quest Link
2) 3 dots appear with black screen
3) After few seconds (1 - 3 seconds), Quest Link crashes : the 3 dots / black screen disappear, back to native Quest 2 interface, with a notification saying "Connected to *username::PC-NAME*" (the same notification that shows when Air Link is activated and finds a PC)
Here is what I tried so far :
- Factory reset on Quest 2
- Uninstall / Install Oculus software
- Reset and restart my router
- Install last GPU driver
- Change PC name
- On Oculus software, delete all devices
- On Quest 2, disable / enable Quest Link and Air Link
- On Quest 2, new pairing with my PC
But Quest Link still crashes. So basically, I'm just unable to play with my Quest 2 on my high end PC.
I never experienced this issue on 10 months playing.
Here is my config :
- RTX 3080 Ti
- AMD Ryzen 9 5900X
- RAM 32Go
So here I am, looking for help to play again !
Greetings from France,

Level 2

I am having this same problem I feel like it is something to do with the servers on their end and Im just going to pray they fix it 

Thanks a lot for your answer, knowing I'm not alone is quite reassuring!