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Quest Pro Can't See Midnight Mac Air

Level 2

The quest pro is unable to detect the midnight version of the Macbook. Even in a well lit environment, the Quest Pro does not detect enough contrast in the keyboard in order to track it. This is a huge issue, I am now stuck using passthrough to see the keyboard, the obvious issue with that is that the passthrough (even for the $1500 Quest Pro) is awful. The passthrough is barely usable as is, but in addition, text is completely washed out. Meaning that although I can physically see the keyboard in passthrough, non of the text is legible. There needs to be a way to fix this, either a manual way to map the location of a keyboard, or a drastic improvement on the quality of passthrough. Right now this is a blocker to me continuing to use this device for work/productivity. 


Position of Work - Sr. Program Manager