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Quest Pro Controller consistent tracking/connection drop issue

Honored Guest

I'm having a very strange, persistent issue with my Quest Pro controllers. I've tried just about everything (INCLUDING replacing them at my own expense!) but they continue to have this issue. I'll detail the issue, then what I've done to try and resolve it.


I'll be playing any game (either standalone, PCVR, single-player, or multi-player, doesn't matter) or even just using the UI/menus, and one, or both controllers will just freeze in position. Pressing buttons still appears to work. Sometimes (much less common) they'll fly off into outer space, and something that was common but hasn't happened in a while is both controllers resetting and going to 0,0,0 (basically the floor at my feet) for a bit.

When they're frozen in space, sometimes they'll come back on their own after 5 or so seconds, or sometimes I can get them to come back faster if I cover the cameras with my shirt, then they start to pivot around a point (as if their gyros suddenly started working or something), and if I uncover them, they come back and find themselves again. Usually only one controller will do this at a time, though sometimes it is both.


Originally, I was assuming that it must've been my controllers being old and "abused" over time, and actually found that (with that pair), that smacking them against my leg or the floor (or each other) would actually bring them "back" and start working again. So I decided to just replace them and bought another pair. Unfortunately, replacement did not work. And, I should add, I'm playing in a well-lit room as well.

Now, I live in a fairly dense residential building, so thought it could be EM noise on the 2.4GHz bands (which both WiFi and Bluetooth use), so I started poking around my WiFi APs and even my Zigbee configs to try and see if there was a particular channel that was having problems or if moving their channel could help prevent interference with the controllers. No luck.

Something that DID seem to maybe help (though feels less successful lately) is disconnecting the Quest Pro from Wifi (but leaving WiFi enabled, as the controllers seem to use WiFi to communicate, at least according to the warning if you try and turn off WiFi). I have also noticed that weekdays, during the traditional work day, seems to have less issues, and evenings have the most, which seems to suggest the interference hypothesis could be reasonable.


My (uneducated) guess here, would be a bandwidth issue sharing point-cloud data between the controllers and headset. The headset itself never loses tracking, only ever the controllers, and even when the controllers don't fully lose tracking, they sometimes will be "offset" a few inches before "popping" back into alignment. Given the room is well-lit with good visibility and a lot of distinct "landmarks" to track, this at least feels correct.

I've also tried contacting support, but it was pretty useless, every response came from someone else, and they just wanted to jump right to RMA, despite all the evidence suggesting that an RMA won't resolve this (I did already replace the controllers myself), but after mentioning that, they just wanted to RMA the whole headset.

Is there a way to pull up device debug logs? And see what errors might be coming up during the time that the issue occurs? I've been trying to look at my WiFi AP stats, and see if I can see a spike in retransmits or something around the same time (suggesting an increase in interference), but so far haven't seen anything that stands out more than expected background.

At this point, I'm at a loss, and am just trying to hold out for the Index 2 to be announced/launched, and would really love to have this be usable until then.


Hey there @DaddyPigeon! We're glad that you were able to locate this thread, but not that you're having these Quest Pro controller issues! We want to see if you'd had a chance to look over what @TheLegend27 had posted earlier? If you could reply with that information here, we can look into this with you!

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I'm having similar controller issues on Quest Pro with the controllers as of the recent update. It's almost as if there isn't proper testing done before these updates are pushed out...

Hello there, @EmmaTorch! We'd like to learn a bit more about what you've been experiencing, and whether you've check out @TheLegend27's post? Please post that information for us, so that we can investigate this with you!

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Hey everyone! While we're seeing your reports of this Quest Pro controller connection issue, we'd like anyone experiencing this to provide the information our moderator's have requested! This will help us work with our engineers to see if there could be a larger issue going on. We'd love to hear from you, so please let us know!

If you're the author of a thread, remember to mark a reply as the Accepted Solution to help others find answers!

Honored Guest

It has been a bit better for me lately (and since applying the previous update, as requested, my headset has remained disconnected from WiFi, as it seems to generally lessen the issue, so has not updated since), and there have been no other changes I've made, which seems to point to my earlier WiFi interference hypothesis. Additionally, checking some WiFi spectrum anylizers, basically all 2.4GHz channels are rated as "Fair" or "Poor" for interference/congestion (which also lines up with my APs reporting higher retransmit rates than is ideal).

What I suspect is that whoever it was nearby that had a very loud WiFi AP (and a lot of traffic at the problem times) moved out recently and things are less "noisy" than before.

I haven't had a chance to pull the debug logs and see if they said anything about the controller connections, either, but would be really nice if there was a more easy way to get some form of diagnostics for this, see if the controllers/headset are channel-hopping at the time or see the retransmit rates on the connections to the controllers.

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