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Quest Pro Dead

Level 2

Decided to bite the bullet and spend the money on Quest Pro. Well upon it showing up within 24 hours of order I was excited. Got everything updated and uploaded. Played for about 45 minutes and the headset crashed... Went black and wont respond at all. No power cycles, no charging nothing...

The support is very very vague and doesn't seem like they even know how to help customer. Figured for the price that the customer service would be able to back it up but here I am with multiple emails, and multiple hours in live chat support with nothing at all. All they say is we will follow up...

Really second guessing the purchase at this time, will update how this customer service plays out. The headset is completely dead and the first thing customer support asks is that by chance if sweat could have gotten onto the unit? So I guess a headset that you are physically active in is not water resistant?

Really hope things work out here but we will see...