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Quest Pro Developer Mode

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I tried to enable developer mode on the Quest Pro following this tutorial:


The last window "Allow USB debugging?" is not showing up.

I did it on Quest 2 and everything works fine (in my opinion the pc should be ok).

I'm using the official Link cable.

Is there a specific Quest Pro driver that I need to download or a manipulation that I need to do ?




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Same issue here. It also took many attempts on both Mac and Windows to get past the first couple of screens connecting the device in Developer Hub. It would see the device and I'd click to the next step but it would spin forever and never complete. Eventually on Windows I was able to get all the way through it but then the permissions dialog never shows on the Pro nor do I see anything in settings to enable it. So the Pro never shows up in the devices list in Developer Hub.

RIP. Are you able to view the headset in MQDH now? Does it matter if the device doesn't show up in Developer Hub?

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Your wasting your time!... Oculus team are fully aware of this issue and are not willing to give any type of ETA or description of the problem. They're not even willing to recognise this as a global problem and register the issue on their website...

Honestly anyone who post a comment you are absolutely wasting your time.

Head here to learn more on page 30 onwards.


Post your thoughts to :

IGN submit Tips - -

Hey there, @sachinreddy1, We completely understand how this is affecting your VR experience, and we'd like to get this resolved as soon as possible. Currently, we're having an issue with some users not being able to enable the Developer Mode. We're actively investigating this issue, please keep an eye out on the Developer Status website as all further updates regarding this issue will be announced via this site.

If you're the author of a thread, remember to mark a reply as the Accepted Solution to help others find answers!

@MetaQuestSupport it appear the Developer Mode issue has been resolve (though I strongly recommend someone from your team update the documents to state that two verifications AND a credit card must be on file, as I spent far longer that necessary troubleshooting this). However, now with Developer Mode active, every possible driver updated, reset this, uninstall that and I still can't get the "Allow USB Debugging" to pop up, so I'm unable to sideload/ test - lots of frustration and wasted time. Can you offer any workarounds?

did you happen to get this resolved I'm still screwed

This developer mode issue that was on-going within this thread had been solved, @ChrisQuitsReality. If you're having issues with this setting now, please make sure your device is updated to the latest version and perform a power-cycle as well.

If this issue is persistent after verifying you're updated and cycling, you may need to Submit a Ticket with support. You'll be able to get further assistance through that support channel.

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It does not work for me either. Everything up to this step works and the people in the support chat can't help me either. Have you found a solution?

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I got the same issue and can solved just changing the official link cable, instead of it I used a cable with USB type A terminal.

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