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Quest Pro Micro stuttering (found a way to resolve it possibly?)

Honored Guest

Hello Oculus,

I purchased a Quest pro on the 28/11/22 (3 days ago) and have been battling an issue with micro stuttering.

The micro stutters would happen in the native Oculus home area, via Quest link playing Rift games and also via Quest link playing SteamVR games. My USB test showed 2.5Gbps. I didn't try Air link as my router sucks.

You could easily notice the micro stutters by slowly moving the controllers from Left to right (or vice versa) in front of you, they kinda jerk a little. Also in games that use smooth locomotion you notice the whole image micro stutter a little from time to time. Some people might not comment on this, but coming from a SteamVR headset that didn't have these issues its very annoying.

I spent most of yesterday trying various things recommended on here and on reddit involving debug tool bitrates etcetc, none of which appeared to help. Till finally last night i found the option for "Headset Tracking" which was set to "Auto". I changed this option to the highest setting "60 Hz". The headset rebooted and voila, no more micro stutters?? The controllers when waving them in front of me in the home area were now perfectly smooth. I fired up Half life Alyx via quest link and that was now running perfect to! I was over joyed, till this morning.

I powered up the Headset this morning to carry on testing and unbelievably the micro stutter was BACK 😞 I checked the Headset tracking frequency again to check if it had changed from 60Hz but sadly it had not. So i tried changing it to 50Hz and then back to 60Hz again and this fixed the issue again (phew).

Is this a know issue with a fix in the pipe line? Would be interested if this fixes it for anyone else also.



Hey there! I appreciate you sharing that information about your headset. So the engineers can get a better understanding of this issue, can you also let me know if you're using the link cable or Air Link to connect your PC, as well as if this is happening with all of your apps or just certain apps?