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Quest Pro Setup Questions for Multiple Headsets in a Classroom Environment

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Hi, everyone. I'm embarking on a task to purchase, setup, and configure 30 Quest Pro headsets for use in a classroom environment to be used by students in a wide range of disciplines. Some will be using it for game playing, some will be using Unity/Unreal Engine for game development, some will be using it as a VR monitor for use in tools like Revit/Enscape3D or SketchUp. The material I've found on the Meta sites are too generic and haven't answered some basic questions I have so I'm hoping some of you with experience can help me out here.

1. In the initial setup for each headset, is there a limitation on the number of headsets that the mobile phone app can setup? Will I be able to setup all 30 headsets with the same mobile device?

2. Is there any limitation to how many people can log into, with their own accounts, a standalone headset setup? Do the headsets need to be somehow purged or reset to remove Meta user accounts to make room for others?

3. Is there any user account differences for logging into a headset between running standalone or PCVR mode? We plan on keeping these tethered for charging and better graphics, with the option for students to move their headset to a larger room for room scale use on occasion, but for the most part these will be used in a sitting/standing mode.

4. Is there any movement forward in the Quest for Business plan? I understand the Oculus for Business plan is essentially dead, but it might be nice to know more about what Quest for Business can provide for us for Multiple Device Management as well as kiosking for general distribution of purchased games/apps.

I'm hoping these questions make sense. I will be ordering these units within days and I want to make sure I'm not purchasing a system that will not work well in this situation for many different users.


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Community Manager

Hey BearCubsTeacher, these are great question and we'd like to clarify a few things for you. For starters, mobile apps are not limited to how many devices they can initially set up. You will need to have any headsets being used simultaneously set up with their own individual accounts, this will prevent account issues from preventing you from play. In order to remove an account from a headset, simply perform a Factory Reset and you will be able to log into the headset with a different account. The log in process does not change between standalone and PCVR use. For any questions about Oculus for Business, you will want to visit their own support page here.

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Does returning the headset to the factory default setting mean that it then has to be setup with a mobile phone again? This seems very impractical when in a classroom environment when many different students may be using the same headset over the course of a single day.

Would it be better to create a unique, dummy Meta account for each headset and not allow students to use their own personal Meta accounts?

Hello there! We understand how this could be confusing in terms of configuring the headsets to be used with only one account. We strongly advise you to contact Oculus Business and inform them of your inquiry.



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