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Quest Pro tracking lost / orientation randomly flipping / freezing loop that makes headset unusable

Level 2

I got a quest pro and after it working just fine for a while standalone and with air and wired link, I encountered an issue where tracking would go crazy and cause a tracking lost -> reset guardian -> orientation flips around seemingly randomly -> short freeze -> things somewhat normal for a fraction of a second -> tracking lost loop. This makes the headset completely unusable. Moving to another room did not change this behavior.

After factory resetting, things worked fine for the whole session. After a while, it happened again and I factory reset and things were fine again for a while. When it happened again, I noticed it happened right after I had gone through the quest pro's "fit adjustment" thing. While it was bugging out I managed to move my face the right way and use the volume button to disable "fit adjustment". Then everything was fine again.

Is this a known issue that has a better fix? Is it a hardware issue that I'll have to return my device for? Is it a software issue that can be fixed in an update? Please help.

Thanks for your time.


Level 3

Happens to me now, too. Since the rollout of the new update.

Level 2

Bravo on deducing the fit adjustment issue, I think something in the software/hardware stack gets hung up when the facial expression sensors are activated. I also came to this conclusion after my second factory reset due to this same loop. I really hope meta gets this facial sensor baked out faster than yesterday, really hurts when the main differentiating feature or even more silly the testing application for fitment is borking your entire $1500 headset. Try jumping into a meeting and you are already frustrated to the moon over a piece of enterprise equipment doesn't really make for the best presentation or even productive meetings. When my headset crashes 5 minutes prior. I got an RMA on the previous unit prior to the RMA explicitly due to the sensor going completely nonoperational, so it definitely seems they have been actively working on this.