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Quest link works only on 2.0

Level 3

I finally recieved my link cable . I got the Kiwi designs cable .

I plugged it into the red usb slots in my motherboard and the blue knes in the back and in the front blue SS one too . They all had the same issue .

At first they would work . hen i test the cable sometimes it shows 2.1 ghz or 2.2 ghz and sometimes it says unstable connection but will still show the green tick and work .

When i try to play any game or even just browse my pc desktop or anything in the vr as soon as i open link in the vr , it works gine but after some time ( random , ranges from 10 seconds to 28 mins usually closer to 5 minutes ) the screen in the vr headset freezes . But the gales would still work on the pc ( not a game issue cause this happens even when i m just on my desktop browsing folders or youtube or whatever ) .

And when this happens the oculus app on pc would show an orange tick instead of the green one saying ( connected , general device problem ) .

I m convinced it s a software issue not a hardware one for two reasons :

1 - when i restart link on the vr it works fine again ( and glitches after some time again ofc )

2 - i have a usb 2.0 extender at home . When i plug it into the pc and then plug my 3.0 cable in it , the app shows the usual orange tick and says connected and active but usb 3.0 is recommended . But everything works fine i can play for long times , and when i test cable speed it tests consistently fine, it says 350 mbps ( slow as it s just 2.0 since the extender is 2.0 ) but it works fine ( audio sometimes glitches but picture is fine and i m okay cause i use headphones from pc anyway )

I want to know why is it working fine in 2.0 but not in 3.0 . If the cable was bad , then it wouldnt work with the 2.0 extender either no ? I m so confused .

Pc specs : rtx 3070 i7 11700f 16 gbs ram , B560M PRO-VDH .

This is soooo annoying ... And no i cant use airlink my router is only 2.4 ghz .

What i tried :

Updating gpu , windows ,

reinstalling oculus software multiple times while deleting temps files and everything ( instructions from meta support ) .

Trying different ports

Plugging the usb c both ways on the quest

Disabling usb power savig option on windows ( it was already disabled )


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey @Dimensionnel! We see you're having some issues linking to your PC, which is never fun. We'd love to help get this resolved! It seems you've tried just about every troubleshooting step available, thanks for taking that initiative! We've seen other users with this issue (seen here) that resolved it by unplugging the cable and reconnecting to the PC. Since you're using a third party brand cable, that could be the cause of the problem as well. If this problem persists, please reach out to our support team so we can take a closer look into this for you!

I already tried talking to the support . I submit a ticket and all , se't the diagnostics twice and twice they told me to update windows and gpu drivers ... I already updated them after the first time but they still tell me to update .

About unplugging and replugging , i tried that over several days i tried all the ports unplugging and replugging from both ends etc . It ll work for some time then freezes.

Thanks for getting back to us! We definitely understand how this feels. We noticed the most recent message sent by us was on November 15th, containing some additional troubleshooting. Did you happen to receive that email and try those steps? If so, please reply letting our team know so we may continue working to get this sorted out for you! Please note that Kiwi is not a supported brand of ours, so we are unable to determine if the issue is being caused by the cable.

Hey again, we are just following up to see if you were able to do the steps our team sent to you in a email to resolve your problem. We'll always be here to assist you with this. We ask that you follow up with our team via email to get this resolved. We do look forward to your update and getting you back into VR!

Hi, i tried the things in the e mail with no help , also the e mail asked me to update my gpu and windows againwhile they were up to date .
can you tell me if this access point would work well with airlink ? i m done testing with this cable tbh ... casue everytime i chang esomethign i have to play for 10 - 20 minutes to check if the issue would happen or not which takes a ton of time

Hey Dimensionnel, it is most unfortunate the email instructions did not progress you. Please request a chat or phone call for more thorough troubleshooting, that is involved and step-by-step, using this link. Regarding the access point, if you already have a wi-fi connection in your home using a D-Link VR Air Bridge can enhance the connection for your Quest 2 Airlink. If there is not already a wi-fi connection where you live, more mbps or megabytes per second is always better for VR.

i got that router and now it's working like a charm in airlink . finally 😄 thanks

Hey @Dimensionnel! We're always glad to help out our customers. If you have any further question don't hesitate to ask. We're happy to hear you're back in the world of VR!