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Quest link

Level 2

I have been battling connecting my device Meta Quest 2 to my stationary pc with air link for days without success. I manage to link to the mobile app and to my portable but my stationary. No. I also have 2 accounts on the same device plus have 2 devices so it is all a nightmare. If anyone could help with straight forward instructions I would be happy but have done everything on the help page at this point.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there @KattisTheReal! We see you are having connecting issues with your Quest 2 to PC via Airlink and understand this is not ideal. We'd love to assist you on this matter and help all that we can!

Can you please provide the following:

  • Your PC specs.
  • Have you made sure headset and divers are up to date?
  • Is this an issue with the Airlink or does it affect the Quest Link as well?

If you have anymore information to provide to us, please let us know! Thank you.