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Quest touch pro trigger mistakenly touching detection


It detect to "touching" the trigger when my index finger just close to the trigger and not touch it.

When I push the trigger then leave, it don't leave immediately in unless I fully open my hand to keep my index finger really far away from trigger, it makes me hard to switch my gesture from fist/thumb to point/gun.

Is this caused by touch pro's index finger tracking?Can I turn this this feature off?I just want my trigger touch response works like quest2 controller works.


EDIT: We'd like to express that this Accepted Solution is to raise awareness to users. Anyone having this issue should reach out to the two points of contact below. This way, we can gather some information required for our engineers and attempted further troubleshooting.

Heya @Livvydoodlez, thank you for pointing that out. We went ahead and fixed that previous support response so that any others who are having this issue don't see any incorrect troubleshooting steps. 

At this point, I would suggest either opening a support ticket yourself, or sending a private message to @MetaQuestSupport. That way the support team can look into what other options may be available to you!

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I'd rather talk about it here, seeing it's a known issue with multiple people, If someone finds a solution, someone else here should be able to find it.

I'm already keeping up with this thread to try to find a solution because this is beyond annoying, and no one who spends $400 on controllers should have to deal with this.

I agree, so if my currently ongoing conversation with support yields any results, I'll report back here.

However, at this point I'm afraid this might just be a (poorly executed) "feature", since pretty much everyone seems to experience it, even with brand new controllers. Considering support didn't try any targeted troubleshooting so far (only general stuff like "reboot", "repair", "reset", etc) and don't seem to know anything else about it, I'm thinking the only fix would be a new firmware version.

I hope we can elevate this to someone in charge of those things, since this seems beyond customer support level troubleshooting. Better yet, I hope I'm wrong, and this is unintended so they can just get it patched. Easier than convincing them to revert a "feature".

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I also experiencing this. It is annoying and unacceptable 😞


All support did was get the controllers replaced, couldn't identify the issue. Guess what? New controllers, same issue. Guys, do not get them replaced, it will not fix the issue.

Support, please get some engineers in here, this isn't working, and it seems to affect all pro controllers. This is evidently not a case of collective user error, nor an occasional defect. We probably need a controller firmware update, or a quest update with better controller settings. Please, it's been months, there have been dozens of reports. Do something.

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I have the same issue. Thing is, my controllers are brand new and arrived about two hours ago. I just paired them to my quest 2. There is absolutely no reason why this problem would be hardware based.

So because of an issue that can be easily (apparently, according to a previous comment it was gone only to be introduced again) fixed by a simple software update, using the controllers I paid 400 Bucks for ranges from annoying to "I'd rather use my regular quest 2 ones because it's so bad".

This is unbelievable. I mean c'mon, this is a company that is worth billions of dollars. At least give me an option to tweak the sensitivity in the settings or something. These are supposed to be "pro" controllers after all.

Actually, a question to lordvertice333 and everyone else having this issue. Are you using the PTC (Public Test Channel) to get beta software? I do, so if yes it might be some beta update that's not working correctly?

Are you also using a Quest 2, maybe something with that?

I'm in the PTC. My Quest 2 is on v56. My controllers are on 1.25.2.

For me, the distance my finger needs to be detected is around 1.5 cm, or 0.6 over the trigger.


I just got my pro controllers replaced due to an unrelated issue, but the index finger sensors weren't working properly on the old controllers and they still don't work properly on the new ones.

Replacing the controllers doesn't fix the issue. I just received my replacement a couple of days ago and they have the same issue.

Hey there, @Papple476! We hate to hear that you are still having trouble with the trigger function on your Quest Pro. We know how important it is to have a working controller so you can fully enjoy your VR experience, and we would be happy to help you with this issue!


So we can look into this further, could you please send us a private message? You can send us a private message by selecting our name to get to our profile page, or click here. Next, click "Send a Message" to privately message us! Please remember that you must be signed in to the community first to send us a private message.

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