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Quest2 WiFi DHCP no IPv4 address

Heroic Explorer

Some time during the day 19 Jun WiFi on my Quest2 stopped connecting properly.

WiFi will connect on DHCP settings but no IPv4 address is showing the properties - not even the label for IPv4, just IPv6 addresses.

As a consequence I cannot connect to my PC network and the browser will not resolve external URLs.

Nothing has changed on my router or Internet gateway/modem. I even reloaded a configuration backup for the WiFi router/access point from several months ago.

I'm guessing the is from the "fix" for having to re-pair the headset for Air Link.

Ok, I know, factory reset the headset. A waste of time but I'll do that in the morning after backing up my uploaded files with the Link Cable if MTP still works.


Heroic Explorer

Ok, rebooting everything (PC. WiFi router/access point, modem/gateway & headset) multiples didn't help. Factory reset router - no dice. Factory resetting the modem/gateway seems to have done the trick . no to reset the Quest 2.

Side note ; the Netgear WAX202 (and many others) does not support IPv6. But apparently the OpenWRT firmware for this router does.

Hey! Love that you shared all the troubleshooting you did- looks like factory resetting the router worked. Just out of curiosity, your headset recently updated? I imagine if it was working before, it could've stopped after a recent update since IPv4 routers aren't always the most compatible with Air Link. 

I know spending money to upgrade isn't the ideal resolution, but if you continue to experience issues it might be worth looking into a router that supports IPv5 or IPv6. I also recalled a previous thread where the OP has a great list of recommended WiFi 6e routers that work best for Quest 3. I know you're using a Quest 2, and seem to mostly be wanting to use it for Air Link, but maybe that list could be helpful for you too.

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Hey there, @NomadsAnIsland! I wanted to hop in and see if you still needed help with your Quest 2 Wi-Fi DHCP not having an IPv4 address, or if the troubleshooting @LikethePlanet mentioned was able to help. If you're still having issues, feel free to reach out to support through an email or by sending them a private message here on the forums, and the teams will be more than happy to assist you!

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My headset updated recently to v66 but the IPv4 problem occurred prior to this update. An update on power off may have occurred but since there seems to be no history of these on the headset, I can't say if any happened or not. I usually shut down via voice command which bypasses the update.

I used AirLink and Virtual Desktop in the morning, shut down and put the headset down. Later in the afternoon I restarted my headset. It was then that I was unable to access my local network though my WiFi access point because of the lack of IPv4 support in my Quest 2. apps like AirLink, Virtual Desktop and Skybox could not connect to my LAN.

Factory resetting the router seems to have rectified the problem which so far. I am investgating added IPv6 support to my router via OpenWRT firmware.

Thanks for sharing that resetting the router was able to help with the issue so far. Hopefully the OpenWRT firmware is able to help more with fully connecting your headset to your Wi-Fi.

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