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Quest3 V59 mic quiet now!


Hi, I've noticed after update v59 the michophone is too quiet. When I'm recording a video inside a game cant't hear me.

Some people complained about mic loud before and now its too quiet. We should control the mic volume by ourselves directly in the options menu.



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Meta Quest Support
Meta Quest Support

Hey everyone! I just wanted to jump in here and hopefully point some users in the right direction. By the looks of it, this is something that seems related to this other thread here about the microphone recording not being loud enough. With that being said, I will be locking this thread so that we're able to keep all information under one place where our internal team can find it. 

Thank you everyone! 

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I have the same issue. Before v59 I made videos for tiktok and the mic worked with games perfect when I recorded gameplays. Now, my voice goes down too much... please fix it and add mic volume control slider in settings

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey @KaNeMore and @Neodreamer! We understand how having audio issues with your Quest 3 isn't ideal, and how this may effect you while using your games and apps. We're here to do everything we can in order to enhance your experience in the world of VR! Here are some recommendations to try out:

  • Make sure the microphone is clean and not obstructed (the microphone is 2 pinholes located a few inches apart one on either side of the nose)
  • Test with multiple games/apps
    • If happening only in one game/app, check the game/app permission to make sure microphone is enabled
  • Reset Microphone
    • Settings > System > Sound > Toggle Microphone
  • Reboot the headset
  • Factory reset

After completing these actions, test out your microphone and hit us up and let us know if this fixes your issue!

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello everyone! We were just checking in with you to see if you were still needing assistance. We look forward to hearing from you, and want to ensure you're well taken care of. We hope you have a great day!

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Hello, I think the problem is general. When you record a gameplay and you are talking the result is a video with a loud game sounds and very quite mic record.

Multiplayer chatting is working properly, so is not physical must be software, before 59 everything worl

Please could you check what Iam talking?



Hello @KaNeMore! Thank you for clarifying your audio issue while recording gameplay. We know it's no fun to not be able to use our devices to their full capacity. While we do some further investigation into the root of the problem, we want to recommend that you use the Report a Problem feature in the quick settings of the headset if you haven't already. Please let us know if you get any updates in the meantime! Hope you have a great rest of your day. 

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Having the same issue while recording videos after upgrading to firmware 60. 


Same issue here. Worked great before, suddenly (as of mid-December 2023) my mic records too low in everything. The mic itself seems functional, as friends reported no issues during voice chat. I've done all troubleshooting, save for a factory reset (as I'd prefer to avoid that given the issue seems to have arisen due to an update). Please fix this, Meta, so I don't have to do a full reset!

Terrible timing for this, too, as I was just about to record Asgard's Wrath 2 gameplay for my channel. 😞

Hey @Tatapolus and @MTVRgaming! We know how exciting PCVR can be when audio is working, and we wouldn't want your VR experience to be anything less than stellar. We are aware this might be a potential issue, and we have our engineers looking into this matter. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we are waiting for a resolution. Have a wonderful day!

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Thank you for your response. I’m glad to hear your engineers are looking into a solution. It is very much appreciated.

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