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Questions about VR

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So, I have been working and saving money. I bought a $2000 dollar PC and was hoping to purchase the Oculus Rift S. I have enough now to get the headset, but I have been questioning it. Is it really going to be worth $600 dollars CAD? I usually hope that if I buy anything, I will have a lot of hours spending time on whatever it is I bought. One hour for every dollar. So, if I buy VR, is it going to last me 600 hours? Does VR have that much content right now? Is it really worth all that money right now? Some people say that VR isn't worth it right now, but might be in the next 5 to 10 years. I like the concept of VR, I would like to buy it and play Pavlov, but I am worried its gonna be something i buy, play for a week, and leave it on a shelf collecting dust. So basically, my question comes to whether VR is worth it or not. Or, is it worth it to you? If you guys could give me honest thoughts on whether this would be worth it or not at the moment, that would be amazing. (If there was a question thread, I apologize and would appreciate a link to it. I looked for one, but didn't find any.)


There is no correct answer to that, although if you are paying $600 for a Rift-S, you are being taken for a ride.

The enjoyment you derive from VR is a very personal thing and is tempered by your own tastes and expectations. Some people have gone into it expecting the same clarity of visuals as they get on their 4K monitors, and new AAA FPS releases very week. Those people have probably ended up disillusioned.

For others (like me) who love the sense of immersion and can happily spend hundreds of hours in titles like Skyrim VR, Microsoft Flight Simulator, Elite Dangerous, Assetto Corsa etc, VR is indispensible. The range of new, shorter, experiences that simply couldn't work on a flat screen (like Smash Drums, Yupitergrad, yes Beat Saber etc) is icing on the cake.


Something to be careful of: the Rift-S was discontinued a while ago. Meta don't sell it anymore. If you damage the controllers or cable, there's no replacements available (except second hand ones).

It does still work fine though, my Rift-S is my most used headset. (I'll be putting mine on in 2.5 hours to play online mini golf).

One bit of advice if you do buy a Rift-S is you may need a powered USB hub. The Rift-S is rather power hungry, there are many problems that can show up if your PC has trouble keeping up with the power requirements. But connecting it to a powered USB hub instead of direct to the PC can fix it. (speaking from personal experience)


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