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RMA Frustration - How many are waiting on replacement headsets?

Level 2

I'm curious how many people are waiting to get their replacement Oculus headsets.  I bought my Oculus Quest 2 about 3 months ago.  Worked great for a month then started having "lost tracking" issues.  I spend over a week screwing around with Oculus support telling me to do all of the things I had already done.  Clearly the headset was defective.  By the time they agreed to replace it my window to return to Amazon had closed, so I had to send it back.  I'm now at 4 weeks and nothing.  Emailed them last week and was told "it looks like your order is still being processed in our warehouse."  Whatever in the world that means.


I hate being that person, but this is atrocious customer support.  I have read through these forums and see a lot of other horror stories around people waiting MONTHS to get their replacements shipped.  Can someone explain to me how you can drive down to Target, Best Buy, or Walmart and get a headset today, but Facebook can't figure out how to directly ship them to their customers?  Amazon has them as well.


I don't understand why this is not a better path for them:

1) Charge a valid credit card for a replacement headset.

2) Ship out a replacement for the defective product and include packaging to send back the defective item.

3) Confirm the replacement has been returned and refund the credit card.

(An alternative to this is log a valid credit card and charge it after 30 days if the defective item is not returned)


Amazon has made a science out of this.  Facebook has a long way to go.


My son sent his back a few weeks ago after a very long drawn-out process with multiple support tickets. He had a replacement in about 10 days I think but his is the 256Gb version. I have a suspicion (which you will probably now prove wrong) that there is a shortage of 64Gb headsets in stock for replacements as a number of people may have RMA-ed good working ones when the 128Gb came out, hoping for a free upgrade.

Community Manager
Community Manager



It looks like we have already responded to you in your PMs, but we are happy to continue the conversation here if you would like to do that.


We understand that you are waiting for your Quest 2 replacement headset to come in, but it has taken longer than expected. We apologize for the inconvenience and delay for the replacement headset to be sent out to you, and we appreciate you taking the time to reach out to us and provide us with this feedback. We are experiencing some delays with orders at this time due to a high quantity of orders and replacement orders being placed, but we are working to get every order out as quickly as we can. Please understand that replacements are quality-tested before being sent out to customers. This ensures that the replacement product is functional and ready to be used, so it can take time for this process to be completed before the device is ready to be sent out to the customer. Once it has been extracted for shipping, you will receive a tracking number that will tell you where your order is while it is being shipped to you.


If you need any further assistance with your replacement order or with anything else, please feel free to send us a private message or submit a support ticket here. Please provide us with your order number and email address associated with your Oculus account if you reach out to us, so we can easily find your information. 

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello again,


We have not heard back from you yet, so we wanted to check and make sure that you have all of your questions answered and are assisted to your satisfaction. Please let us know if there is anything else we can do for you by contacting us here or by private message, and we'd be happy to help!

Hello - I received a PM from Oculus_RyanS in here on Monday and also received an email response from "John" 4 days ago.  Both said they would look into the issue and get back to me, but I have not heard anything.



Level 5

I've been waiting nearly 2 months since the arrival of my headset was confirmed by Oculus. 
No updates, no information other than "Thanks for your patience". 


I have formally requested my property back in any condition, and still waiting. 


I contact support for updates regularly and get the same lip service about it is being looked into by the best team. 


It's terrible. Like 2 months, and my £300 headset is in some logistics loop with no updates, and no escalation route. 


How can a company trade and act like this! 

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Hi I waited almost 8 weeks to get my refurbished quest 2 and it won't boot into homescreen and now have had to send it back. Worst support I've experienced from any product.

I've got John Lewis (UK) and their purchasing team looking into this for me and others. 

They will refund me if I can get them a headset.  Hence I've asked for my property to be returned, which hasn't happened. 

I won't be dealing with oculos support again after I get my property return. 

Any further issues will be direct new replacements and refunds  with the retailer. 

Level 3

The sensor on my headset was broken. I have contacted the support for more than one month and exchanged tens of emails. They agreed to replace my headset but I was told that there's issue in their system and I need to wait. I have waited for three weeks so far without any progress. They told me there's nothing I can do but waiting and not any timeline can be provided. So disappointed!

Level 4

I'm at about 4 weeks since my defective Quest was received by the RMA depot.  I opened a separate ticket to find out why I haven't seen any information on my replacement and I swear a robot is responding thanking me for my patience and that they can't got ahold of logistics.  The last part of that drives me crazy.  If they can't get a hold of logistics in a week there should be a an escalation path or the company is broken (let alone 4 weeks).