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RMA Frustration - How many are waiting on replacement headsets?

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I'm curious how many people are waiting to get their replacement Oculus headsets.  I bought my Oculus Quest 2 about 3 months ago.  Worked great for a month then started having "lost tracking" issues.  I spend over a week screwing around with Oculus support telling me to do all of the things I had already done.  Clearly the headset was defective.  By the time they agreed to replace it my window to return to Amazon had closed, so I had to send it back.  I'm now at 4 weeks and nothing.  Emailed them last week and was told "it looks like your order is still being processed in our warehouse."  Whatever in the world that means.


I hate being that person, but this is atrocious customer support.  I have read through these forums and see a lot of other horror stories around people waiting MONTHS to get their replacements shipped.  Can someone explain to me how you can drive down to Target, Best Buy, or Walmart and get a headset today, but Facebook can't figure out how to directly ship them to their customers?  Amazon has them as well.


I don't understand why this is not a better path for them:

1) Charge a valid credit card for a replacement headset.

2) Ship out a replacement for the defective product and include packaging to send back the defective item.

3) Confirm the replacement has been returned and refund the credit card.

(An alternative to this is log a valid credit card and charge it after 30 days if the defective item is not returned)


Amazon has made a science out of this.  Facebook has a long way to go.


I had to wait 3 weeks for my replacement since my original headset had lens defects in both lenses.  The replacement they sent will not charge past 52 percent so now they want me to return this one.  I have heard nothing but horror stories of how long it takes for replacements so I am hesitant to send it in, but my option is to keep this one that is only usable for 45 minutes.  I use it for exercise so it's not just like I can't play the games for a bit.  Unacceptable.


Try filing a complaint with BBB.  It looks like people are getting responses and replacements that way and I will be doing that if I don't get a replacement in a reasonable amount of time.

Thank you. I haven't got any update about the replacement so far. its been a couple of months. I will try your suggestion. This is a really terrible experience. 

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I don't know if I should give oculus a few days? I sent mine on april 15, It arrived at their facility on april 19 and its been 6 days. I asked if there was any updates on my replacement and they said no. I'm starting to get worried and I don't wanna act like a karen to them or nothing. 


Took me 89 days to get my Quest back after they received it. 

I opened a ticket after about 5 or 6 business days of them receiving it.  I waited about 2 weeks to go full Karen which, btw, didn’t help. There is no manager or escalation path.  


Should I annoy them about it constantly? they told me there wouldn't be an issue with my replacement


I would. Just so that there is a record you can follow. No need to mean (at least for the first few weeks). 


true im gonna keep bothering them. the replacement is already late

Hey, it's been 2 weeks and still don't have my Oculus replacement. I don't know how long I have to wait. I don't know what to do. My email agent HELD my ticket so they won't respond to me until they get an update. I'm lost for words right now.

Have you got it back yet?



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Meta/Oculus Warranty a lie.

I returned both left and right controllers for Oculus Quest 2 on 14th October and have evidence they have been delivered. Oculus are, saying they are lost but won't replace them until they are found and won't give any time frame so basically they could be lost forever meaning I will never receive them. They don't allow you to call, don't provide a customer service escalation process its all done via what's app and most of the time they just ignore you and send back stupid responses like, we can't tell you a time frame or when. People have been waiting months and months for their replacements through warranty which is absolutely disgusting. Oculus are stealing from their customers and lying to them. All a ploy to get you to buy the items again and increase sales.

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