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RMA (broken/return) experience

Level 4

My original headset I bought from new broke at the end of August.  After a helpful chat with support they gave me an RMA on 29th Aug to be sent back to the Czech Republic (I live in the UK).


As is normal with my DHL experience they were "out for delivery" for a few days, but the turn around was fairly quick and I received my refurbed headset on the 9th Sept (again DHL were late being "out for delivery" for a couple of days).


Unfortunately, the refurbed headset hadn't been wiped properly and was still set up on somebody else's account.  Once I sorted that out I realised the visuals also did not look right.


I spent a few hours with support on the Sunday, sending multiple videos to prove my point (I borrowed my brother in laws to show the comparison, but it was very obvious).  Support were very helpful and raised an RMA, this time to a UK centre.   I was feeling more hopeful at this stage, that it would be a quicker turnaround and not a refurb this time.


It is now FORTY days since the UK centre received the faulty refurb I was sent.  I have been sending messages to support every few days and get the same response of "we are investigating".  I did have a "there looks like movement on your issue now", but this was nearly 3 weeks ago and they are now back to "investigating".


I just can't see what is taking so long.  They have admitted there was a fault with the dodgy refurb they sent out (never mind the fact it was still set up on somebody else's account, so obviously hadn't been through all the checks they say they do).  I could order one next day delivery from Amazon, but I can't get them to tell me what is taking so long, let alone send a new unit out.


I'm hopeful they've been waiting for the Pro to be launched today and will send me one of those instead to say sorry πŸ˜œπŸ˜‚


Level 3

I have had a similar issue myself. I bought my Q2 back in Nov21. Since then I have needed LOTS of controller replacements. I was never too hard up about it because they always issued a return and after sending it to Prague I would usually recieve a replacement within 2-3 days. This time my pre-paid labels, because I'm sending both controllers at once, were for a facility in the East Midlands, UK. DHL recorded that the controllers were delivered 12/10/22. Two weeks later and my customer assistant can:-

1. Garuntee me that the controllers have arrived at the facility.

2. Assure me that a team of 'investigators' is on the case.

What my customer assistant cant do:-

1. Give me any kind of expected timeline.

2. Explain to me, in anyway, why my return has not been processed.

3. Give me the details of the complaints department. 

4. Return my faulty property to me.

I came here to make a complaint. I have to say it certainly is disconcerting news to find others with the exact same issue as me. It seems this UK based facility either does not exist or is not currently running.

Meta is required by law to repair or replace any faulty product accepted under warranty OR refund the price if repair or replacement is not possible. I encourage any dissatisfied customers dealing with similar issues of being given the run-around and being left in the dark by customer service to join me and write to BBC WATCHDOG. They handle many cases like these and usually are good at getting justice for the consumer. Meta must uphold EU trading standards. I demand to know where my controllers are!

Level 4

I'm up to 6 weeks now without a replacement headset and I'm still getting nowhere with the customers service. We even had our last thread shutdown presumably to stop us from spreading the word. If you buy a quest 2 and it breaks you may as well chuck it in the recycling and go buy another because the after care customer support is non existant. Please reply to this topic if u have the same issue as I'm collecting other people info for watchdog. 

I've just recently been given access back to this forum. After my initial message they blocked me saying I had to fill out a date-use-checkup which is something an app developer would have to do. I am not an app developer. Through persistence I've managed to get access to this forum but I dont know if it'll happen again. I'd be happy to cooperate as far as contacting watchdog goes and have plenty of recorded info pertaining to my particular issue with what seems like a UK facility not being operational. It's impossible to speculate however because customer support still hasnt given me any information from the investigation teams.

Sounds good I have your info now so hopefully when watchdog get back to me I will update u send them an email as it will bolster our argument if they see more and more meta quest complaints. 

Level 4

Here's some info for people who have purchased under 6 months but don't worry you are stil covered by law up to a year but Im still researching and talking to people who deal in law I'll post more when I find out more. 

"If you discover the fault within the first six months from delivery, it's presumed to have been there from the time you received it - unless the retailer can prove otherwise.

During this time, it's up to the retailer to prove that the fault wasn't there at the time of delivery - it's not up to you to prove that it was.

If the attempt at a repair or replacement is unsuccessful, you can then claim a refund, or a price reduction if you wish to keep the product.

The retailer can't make any deductions from a refund in the first six months following an unsuccessful attempt at repair or replacement.

Can I get a full refund? - the first six months

If you've owned the item for less than six months, the retailer must give you a full refund if an attempt at a repair or replacement is unsuccessful.

The retailer can't make any deduction from a refund in the first six months following an unsuccessful attempt at repair or replacement."

Level 4

If we can prove its a common fault it will also cover people upto a year and I think we can get enough people to testify to that. We also have 6 years from now to put in a claim. 

Level 4

I will also be talking to the retailer I bought the product from to get their support. 

Hey great information here I would be keen to prove it is a common fault as my controllers or at least one controller has needed replacing every 6-8 weeks. I have also contacted watchdog and told them my story as well as stating there are many others like me on this forum. Hopefully they will get behind us. Please even if it is not much info respond as you have been, when you can, and lets keep this post alive and anyone else who may be experiencing these issues please reach out to watchdog.

Hi just to keep you updated. I've heard nothing yet and just wondered if anyone had had any luck getting their quest replaced. I've not had mine back yet and it's coming up to 2 months and unless I send a bunch of messages to customer support I get no updates.