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RTX 3050 TI not working.

Level 2

I remember searching up the minimum requirements and it said it works for all RTX 3000 graphics cards. I excitedly bought it as I recently got an RTX 3050TI which everyone said was good enough for VR. When it arrived the set up went swimmingly but Oculus hasnt added support for the RTX 3050TI? It says all 3000 series works but this wont. Will Oculus be adding support or should I just return my Oculus Quest 2? I mean this is beyond ridiculous. It works for far worse graphics cards but not the RTX 3050TI? I have seen many with this same problem. Please add support Oculus. I love the headset but want to play Fallout 4 VR.


Level 2

The only reason I could guess that the Oculus app says that it's unsupported is that the RTX 3050 ti is a newer graphics card and I guess they decided not to update that message. I have an RTX 3050 ti and it works perfectly fine on my laptop. My advice is: Don't return your Quest 2, just wait until Oculus decides to finally update the graphics card list.

Level 13

A 3050Ti is actually a poor gpu, from a cuda core and bandwidth perspective.



Oculus can't really add support if its genuinely not capable of keeping up.


For Vr a 3060 ti is minimum for basic vr experiences.


Also at the time the they released support for 30 series cards the lowest was 3060 12 gb(non-ti) model.


Also estimated 4k fps is in the 30's depending and if games can actually support that card.


keep in mind vr is 2k X2 render, so somewhere between qhd and full 4k.


Level 13

Also for it being a laptop you suffer additional penalty when it comes to thermals and power draw.