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Real VR Fishing Addons

Level 2

I bought the West Coast DLC.  The game let's me share with other accounts but not the DLC.  Is there something I am missing or do add-ons not share?


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there, PapaB220!


Thank you for taking the time to reach out to our forum! At this time, DLC's are not able to be App-Shared. In order for multiple devices to get the DLC, they would have to individually purchase the content. However, most base games are able to be shared with any of your other devices. This is something we would love to see resolved, but as of now, a possible timeline remains unknown. We know this isn't the best of news, but please do know that if you ever need anything, that we are always here!

I have the same problem, but the shared account could not purchase the DLC add on so the administrator purchased for the sole purpose of the shared account to play. Of course since the add on cannot be shared we are highly  dissatisfied 

Hey there, we see some of you are having some issues with DLC App Sharing in Real VR Fishing. This is likely related to the current bug reports related to App Sharing and the issue seems similar to yours. We recommend waiting til the end of the month when the official fix releases to see if the issue is still persisting. If the issue continues to persist after this fix releases, please reach out to us by submitting a ticket on our website here:

Has the VR fishing  US west DLC been resolved ?    I have the same issue. 

Hi Dan i

I had the same issue has this issue been fixed.

Level 2

I'm using Real VR Fishing as a shared app.  Was able to buy US West Coast as an add-on with the shared account.  Trying to now buy Japan Part 1 but being told that I have to buy Real VR Fishing even though I've been playing it as  a shared app for a couple of years.  Is this a bug (similar to initial issues indicated above with West Coast)? 


Hey @RosieOculus , DLC content is not available through app sharing, unless you own the game you wouldn't be able to use DLC content. You can see the terms for app sharing here just in case you have any other questions. (: