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So if you buy a refurbished meta quest you can't receive the $30? Like why 


Heroic Explorer

Interesting question. I think I agree with you so long as the the serial number had not been used for a referral in the past. Otherwise; meta could end up paying out more than the original purchase price in referral fees if the headset kept changing hands.

If the refurbished unit was shipped from meta, then I can't see why they couldn't always do it. Just raise the price by $60. Which really brings me around to my personal opinion which is that I'd rather there not be any referral system at all. Just charge a fair price for the headsets and be done with it. Does anyone think that the $30 referral credit is going to convince someone to buy a headset that wasn't going to buy one anyway? I have never understood it.

For example, I'm that way on games now. I will never pay full price for a game again because I assume the price is inflated by 25% + another $5, just to cover the cost of the referral. Anyone paying full price for a game these days would have to feel a bit taken. At least I do. I'd rather not play the game personally.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello @Tasha.1988. Thank you for reaching out to us regarding our referral policy. We would be more than happy to explain the program and provide resources about our policy. You are correct, refurbished devices are excluded from this program. The device does have to be a new Quest device. You can find more information here regarding our policy. Hope this helps and you have a great day.

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