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Referred App keeps showing Invalid Link

I'm currently having a problem on any app referral links. It keeps showing me an Invalid Link page regardless of who send me a referral link. I've already tried unlinking my Meta account out of my Facebook account and have tried using private/incognito browser to accept the referral link. Unfortunately, they still gives me Invalid Link page. 

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I am also getting this problem and just made a ticket with support. They had to do something with the links because they always worked perfectly. They changed something and didn't inform the public about it.


Referrals haven't been working for me for a little over a week or so.  I finally asked on twitter tonight, and this is the reply I received:

Thanks for waiting! Making sure your VR experience is seamless is our top priority, so we did want to let you know that we are evaluating changes to the App Referrals Program. As a result, some randomly selected groups of users may periodically not be able to access app referrals. These user groups change frequently, and if an offer is not currently available to you that is available to others, this means that offer is not being given to your group at this time. Please keep an eye out for similar options in your group in the future!


Based on that reply, it's not that there's an engineering problem, we're being randomly  grouped and blocked from using referrals.  I can't even begin to express how appalling I find this.  Referrals help tremendously in making games more affordable and keeping me happy with my quest 3 and the meta platform, and  they're an influencing factor in my buying from meta, which locks me into the platform, versus Steam.  The fact that I'm not able to purchase ANY game with a referral code for an unknown time period while others receive discounts really shakes my faith in meta.  


WOW, i dont know what to say... 

i also had a problem with ultrawings. i bought it for PCVR long ago. on quest it showed like a cross buy game, but download gave an error. i wrote support if they can fix it. then the REMOVED my ultrawings game from my PCVR library as well... so they deleted a game i paid for. now support are ghosting me since nearly a week...

well done meta..

i suspect they have no idea and hide with that random group comment.. 

why not write a blog post on the "some randomly selected groups of users may periodically not be able to access app referrals" sounds more like shadow ban if you ask me. 

we are shadow banned from referral program. or its ann error all along

Oi, I'm sorry about your ultrawings!

It feels like a shadow ban, because I feel like I'm being punished, and it's really frustrating me.  I hated the quest 2, rarely played, and bought almost nothing for several years.  I'm finally thrilled with my quest 3, and therefore excited and buying games because I'm enjoying vr again, and now I'm being punished by not being allowed to use a discount that's available to most other users, for no discernable reason other than I'm unlucky, and with no idea for how long.   

So, it was intentional and had been held off until now? Wow, a really, really, really bad move!

I really love the standalone Quest product line. Even if it is still niche. How can I tell friends, please try a quest, its very cool and I and you can refer games, so we can get it cheaper and play together. Hell, in the end, I'm the idiot if it doesnt work out for friends. The Quest hardware is superb with regular updates. But the support and the handling with customers is the baddest thing i saw in gaming history. Thats **bleep** sad for a niche product. 


This is what the support replied back to me with: (they are literally bots over there, this makes no sense to what I sent them to begin with.)


Thank you for contacting Meta Store Support. I do appreciate you contacting with us regarding with your concern. Hope you are having  a wonderful day upon receiving this email.

I see that you have concerns  regarding the referral link that you are using to buy games. I know how it feels not be able to play that game you love. Let me help you to go back into gaming.

First of all, kindly refer below to learn more about the referral link and how it works:

  • Users can only send a referral for the apps they already own.
  • Apps need to be of a minimum price of $10 USD or the local equivalent to qualify for referrals.
  • Senders will not be eligible to receive the credit if the referred app is refunded within 14 days of sending the referral to the friend.
  • Senders will be able to redeem the store credit 14 days after their friend buys the app using their referral.
  • Users can earn a maximum of $599 in store credits per year from the Meta Quest. This limit applies to rewards earned through both the Meta Quest Referral Program and app referrals combined.
  • The person receiving the referral will have 7 days to purchase the app. If they choose not to buy the app immediately, they can go back to the app in the Meta Quest Store within 7 days and the discount will be automatically applied.
  • App referral is available in all supported countries and regions.
  • Each referral code can only be used three times.

Limitations and Eligibility

Apps not eligible for referral:

  • Any app under 10$ USD.
  • Any app that is refunded within 14 days.
  • Add-ons, extensions and in-app purchases.


  • Only one discount per application.
  • App referrals cannot be combined with any other offer or promotion unless otherwise expressly stated in the terms of an offer. The app referral discount cannot be applied to an app that is currently discounted, regardless of which discount is better.
  • Each referral code can only be used three times.

Kindly click this link:

I hope this information will be of help for you. We will monitor this case until your concern is resolved.

Dan Rey

Meta Store Support

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The title of this thread is misleading and they merged me here I'm opening another 25 discount not working 

Others and myself are having issues with the 25 percent refferal links.  Meta replied stating I am in a group that. No longer allowed to use this discount we are in a designated " Group" . I am posting this so when others send in a request and spend a month troubleshootingl, then after twenty emails.....that they tell you are part of this "Group". Like what I and hundreds already did. This is an issue. So meta please do not merge or close this ticket. The issue is NOT RESOLVED. Meta has posts to another.about invalid links.  This is an entirely separate issue/problem. 

Expert Protege

Some of the more abusive posts from some aren't helping.  However, support are being incredibly hopeless, they are also grouping different types of errors into the same bulk group when pointed out several times I dont get "Invalid Link"

It absolutely is NOT to do with only being offered to "selected groups of people" - it part works/part broken where people can either refer or buy with referral but not both.

IF it was deliberate, there would not be different errors, and be a single message for all saying "due to x and y you are not elligible for this offer" also the T&Cs would be updated to reflect why (for example like a speculated a few posts up that could it be eg annual "buying limits" of games with discount being applied, which again is not in the T&Cs with no indication of buying limit


Admin/Support - stop giving random cut and paste answers as guesswork and do a job and investigate the fault for people, theres been plenty info provided outside of the shouting!  Instead you're just making it up as go along.


They blocked my post six times and merged it here again or deleted it

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