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Refurbished Oculus quest 2

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Got a refurbished Oculus quest 2 and I can't get it to connect to the controllers or the internet it won't even show up on my devices. I can see where they sent me my refurbished Oculus quest 2 but it won't show up on my Oculus. There for it won't recognize the quest to setup. And the one that is in my receipt is the wrong serial number too. So a lot of problems I just want to play again it's been 6 months since I have been able to play with the first headset not working after update. Now it has been one thing after another and I just am getting tired of it.


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I am having this exact same issue. Support team is telling me to "just wait" and they will email me when it's fixed. This original post was over 2 months ago.

I cannot get "adb devices" to show my quest 2 even after installing all drivers etc. Is there a special cable that needs to be used? The USB-C to USB-C does not work and the USB-C to USB that i have here also is not working. I do not see it in device manager either.

For anyone having an issue with "adb devices" showing your quest 2, if you are using the elite strap you need to unplug it and put the USBC directly into the headset. Apparently it doesn't transfer. Once i did this i was able to apply the firmware path and then connect the device to my phone. Afterwards, using the device, i was able to pair the bluetooth controllers and now im able to play.


Help!  I feel so stupid asking this, but every time I get to the point of sideloading, adb says file not found.  So obviously, even though I can see the file in the adb folder, I'm missing a critical step.  Can someone PLEASE walk me through the process step by step 1. Renaming the download 2. Moving the renamed file into the adb file.  Those are the only places I can figure I'm missing something.  

Hi ManateeManna,


Your provided steps helped me yesterday when I got back a refurbished quest 2 and also had this problem. It looks like you were still having issues so here are some broken down steps.


When you unzip your folder it will be called something like platform-tools_r33.0.3-windows. Inside of that folder there is another folder called platform-tools. Make sure to copy the renamed file into platform-tools and not platform-tools_r33.0.3-windows. Also do not extract the, only the other file should have been extracted.


Next, when you connect your headset to your computer and open the powershell window by right clicking on the plat-form tools folder, not the folder level above that. Instead of "adb devices" type "./adb devices" and your headset should show. Next add the ./ before the command so the next command will be "./adb sideload". This will work only if the file is still zipped and in the correct folder.


Next it should start loading the update and when it finishes you will see same oculus pairing screen BUT this time your meta app on your phone should recognize the headset and pair it quickly. Once you have access to the app you can use the app to hold down the menu button simultaneously with y button to reset and pair your left control and oculus button with b button to reset and pair your right controller. From there you can continue with the normal setup.


If you have anything backed up on side quest just re-enable developer mode through the mobile app and you can restore backups there.


Hope this helps.



Same here, got a refurbished device because the battery stopped working after 2 months of having (and barely playing). They should really sort out their customer care… weird that I have to go to a forum to figure out how to get it working again. This company is wasting my time. 

And of course it doesn’t work and I have to go to customer service to find a solution. Come on meta, get it together. This is a joke. 

Did you manage to get it working? Support has been useless 

Yeah it works well i got my controllers paired played a couple games seems to work fine.

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