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Region locked

Level 2

I bought my Quest 2 in Texas, but setup the device in Costa Rica as I am on an extended stay here.  Now "Region" is locked and some content is blocked due to this.  

I can't find the "home location" setting, nor whatever 'route options" is either... I think it must be tied to this Region lock.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there, theboarhead! Seeing the words "region lock" are enough to raise some concern for quite a few folks. That's totally understandable, so we'll break down exactly what you're looking at partner.


Your headset isn't region locked per se, but it is tied to the region you're connected to and playing in. Once you make it to your next stop, you'll notice that your shop and everything will update to reflect your current location. 


@MetaQuestSupport  I've got a Quest 2 that was purchased originally in Thailand, I'm now in Canada -- but the region hasn't updated, it just shows the word "Region" in bold without any region showing next to it. 


I'd like to use Horizon Worlds and Horizon Venues, I'm originally from Canada back here for an extended period of time, how and when would my region update?


I've tried all the suggestions in another post that suggested uninstalling the Oculus/Meta Quest app from my phone, clearing my Bluetooth cache, factory reset -- but none of these have helped. 


Any suggestions?

We can certainly look into it deeper with you. To do this, PM us here or reach out to our email and chat teams HERE. Thanks and we hope to hear for you soon!

@MetaQuestSupport Thanks sent a PM here

Level 5

Today, I was finally able to access Horizon Worlds -- previously I wasn't willing to disconnect my Facebook and Instagram but I had read for some people when they did this, they would get access immediately to Horizon Worlds if they were in the regions where it's available. 

Since I'm back in Canada now, I wondered if some of the remnants of my account details have things that makes Meta think I'm not really in Canada... I've been here for over a month now with no change but as soon as I disconnected my FB account and Instagram accounts, there was the "Get" button waiting for me. 


It didn't seem to affect my account negatively in any way to disconnect these but I will want to try reconnecting them so I can still share from Quest to Messenger etc. 


If anyone else is having this issue, I'd recommend giving this a try from the Meta Accounts area in the headset. 


Hope this helps!

How did you disconnect your Facebook account from thr Quest? 

Hey @METAKYL3, we see that you are curious about your ability to disconnect your Facebook account from your Meta Account. You can look at our support page for more information about account issues and solutions, here. Or you could also message us through our PM's by selecting our name to get to our profile page, or click here. Next, click "Send a Message" to privately message us! Please remember, you must be signed into the community first to send us a private message. Once you PM us we will be able to authenticate the account and help you further. 

@METAKYL3  Hope you get it worked out!  I just went to and disconnected my Facebook and Instagram -- immediately got access to Horizon Worlds then added Facebook and Instagram back so I would be able to use Messenger.   Hope this helps!

@METAKYL3 Actually I think it was this link that has the way to remove the accounts -