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Release process, automatic updates and Oculus Link

Level 3
There is some discussion about this topic here ( however I feel this deserves it's own thread.

The core issue is the mismatching of the the desktop Rift software and the Quest software due to rolled out updates. Personally, I'm not a big fan of forced updates ( especially as a developer ) but realize that they are often necessary, especially in this case since the two need to be in sync.

The problem is that Oculus Quest/Link is unusable when they are out of sync. My quest has not surfaced the update yet, and it has been at least 24 hours since I started trying. This happened before but I was unaware of the root cause. I am using it for development purposes and it is quite problematic. I'm sure end users who buy the Quest as an "all in one" headset will be equally frustrated since updates seem to be quite frequent.

Anyhoo, not here to complain, rather hopefully get a solution that will allow myself and others to use Oculus Quest/Link reliably moving forward. There are plenty of simple solutions, and perhaps this post can generate interest in getting at least one option implemented such that this won't be a problem for developers or users moving forward.

Here are a few options that I can think of off the top of my head...

1) Option to snooze forced updates until both versions are in sync ( 100% rollout achieved )
2) Option to rollback update so one can continue to use the software
3) *Manual update ( in About section of Quest ) should ignore the staged rollout and allow the user to immediately get the latest version. ( This is how it is often done, e.g. iOS app store )*
4) Make the desktop software only update after it confirms that the attached Quest is at the compatible version. Something like this ...

    if (QuestWasConnectedInTheLastWeek() && QuestVersionCompatibleWithNewUpdate() )
        doUpdate = true;

Since many of the people here are developers, we can all agree that time is money for everyone, and downtime due to not being able to use the hardware is not good. As an end user, it's a bad experience that may result in them giving up on the device, resulting in lost store sales. aka it's not good for anyone.

If this problem is only the result of the fact that it's in beta, then I could happily be patient and use my old Rift. However, if it's a fundamental artifact of the staged rollout release process, then it will surely still be there once it is no longer in beta. In any case, a solution should be found, hopefully asap.

Anyhoo, everyone, please chime in with "constructive" comments so the developers know that this is a serious workflow problem, yet simple low cost solutions do exist.

I personally believe that Oculus Quest/Link is the best all around VR solution ( desktop and portable together ) and minor tweaks like this will make it reliable for all to use. I am in LOVE with Rift/Quest/Link and would be very happy to see this problem definitively resolved.

p.s. If there is already a solution that I am not aware of, please let us know 😄