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Remove device from account

Level 2
I have one Oculus Rift, but since I have used it with two PCs, my Oculus account thought I had 2 devices. After I used my Rift with the second PC, I uninstalled the software since I will not be using it with that PC anymore. Following this, I realized that a second device had been added to my account. I realized the way to remove a device is to remove it from the Oculus PC app. I asked the owner of the second PC to reinstall the app so I could remove the second device, but this has only caused a duplicate of the second PC to appear in my devices list. How do I remove the second PC and the duplicate of the second PC from my devices list? I should mention that my Oculus account on the web shows no devices.

Level 15
I found something similar happened to me when I returned my Rift S and went back to my Rift cv1 w/2x sensors.  The only way I found to get rid of the Rift S device settings from the Oculus App was to completely unistall Oculus then reinstall it.  Since then I have not seen any Rift S devices showing up.
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Level 3
I have a similar issue.  I bought a computer that I installed the Oculus software on.  I wiped that computer clean and returned it and bought I different computer.  However, both computers show up as being linked to the account.  How do I remove the original computer from the account?

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I have a similar issue, but mine is all from one computer after so hardware upgrades and wiping and reinstalling my computer, it now shows up as several different devices in the oculus app when I want to install rift games on my computer. I don't see any way to get rid of the old installations.

Level 2

Same thing happened here. Looks like there are currently no plans to add this feature in so far.

Level 2

The same thing happened to me but I factor resets my oculus quest 2 and I had me reconnect to my account but my account was still connected to the device and I don’t know what to do