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Replacement quest 2 won’t pair

I have had a support ticket open for a month now. I sent in my less than 6 month old quest two for a dead pixel. They sent me out a replacement headset. while waiting oculus updated to meta so once I got my headset it won’t pair to my account. They said just wait. Then they said to do a factory reset So I did then try factory reset and all the other fixes they suggested. They said they are aware of the issue and it will be fixed soon. It will not it has been a month since they told me that. If it was able to be fixed it would have been. My replacement stays on the screen to pull the tabs out of the controller and the 5 digit code. I can open the app and enter the code but it says it can’t pair headset.check Bluetooth turn off on etc. i can see the oculus connected to my Bluetooth so I know that and the WiFi are working but it still won’t pair. I have factory reset and it will auto detect the code but still says it won’t pair.  I have sent at least 15 photos of my issue all my information serial numbers etc. I even logged out of all oculus apps Facebook ended all sessions factory reset then turned back on and logged in to app still nothing. I have even tried to reset the controllers they way they specified and they won’t even connect to the new headset and I can’t get on to settings because again the headset won’t go past the 5 digit controller pairing screen. I can cord it to my computer and the computer oculus app can see the oculus but I still can’t go past the pairing screen. I even got on the support site to see if my replacement was eligible for replacement and when I add the serial. Number it says the meta quest 2 serial number can not be found so they sent me somthing that is invalid and probably why it won’t connect to meta it’s not a meta version headset I have asked them to let me send it all back for one that works or a refund they just keep trying to get me to do more troubleshooting. There is nothing more I can do. All the people who are just now buying them have no issues since they are already logging in with meta and not merging. I have told them to now rectify this situation since it has been a month of waiting or I will go to court for my money back if they continue to refuse sending me a headset or complete replacement that will work !! 


I had the same problem. I just got mine to work. It may work for you if you have a computer  This is what I did. I connected my headset to the computer with a cable. I powered it up and open the Oculus app and it recognized the number and then started to give me instructions. I was shocked that this worked. If you have a computer or can use someone else's give it a try. You have nothing to lose. Good luck.

I tried that but it still won’t go past the pairing screen.  And I stated that in the post but thanks 

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I just got off a chat with support in which, when I asked for a new headset, he told me that may not work either.  So I questioned why they were still selling them.  And he basically said they have made announcements about it and if you buy one, you're taking the chance it won't work!!!!  And if you researched, you should have known the risk before buying.  Below is the exact chat that I copied.  To say I am pissed off isn't even getting close.  




Okay so it seems that you have done a lot as well with the other agents!


at this point, its fairly evident that you implemented an update that rendered all the refurbished units you were using as replacements useless. You obviously are aware of the issue, being that people are starting to talk class action lawsuits on the forums. I have spend hours now trying the 'fixes' you sent and chatting with you guys, I have lost time that way, and money in that I have a subscription that I was keeping in the (vain) hope that you would have a quick fix, and I have an expensive skin on this useless replacement that I stupidly applied when I thought the replacement would work.
At this point, I dont understand why you wont replace this unit. There is evidently a way to sideload the problem update. Why cant you do that with your refurbs and exchange them for the ones that arent working???
Either that, or for the cost of the unit and what people spend playing your games, etc, you should be replacing the problem units with new units that are functional.
I am very sorry about this whole situation Angelyn, the issue affects even the new units as well so we wouldn't be able to guarantee a that the new one would not have the same issues either. I realize that these issues are totally unacceptable and believe me if I we're in your position I would be angry as well so I get it. We are close to resolving this issue for everyone and hope to get it out sooner rather than later!


thats what you keep saying. this makes no sense because other people are still using their units. have you pulled all of them off the shelves? If I went down to walmart today, youre saying that I could not buy a new one?? My daughters still works.
I just went on amazon, I could buy a new one right now, youre telling me that it would not work when it arrived, yet you are still selling them? I dont believe that,.
You can buy a new one right off the shelf and it can work just fine! But there is always the chance that it can encounter the same issues since this issue hits random headsets.


so youre telling me you are selling expensive equipment that is known to be possibly malfuctioning??
without a disclaimer???
Meta has made public announcements and on official forurms about the issues going on with the Meta Accounts and the know impacts that they have had on the Meta Quest headset


But yet, again, you are still selling them. wow. If I wasn't a meta user I wouldn't be on those forums. So I would be unknowingly buying a 'possibly' faulty product.
Evidently there is going to be no help from your end, and there already has not been a quick solution. I have bought 4 headsets, 3 of them recently, and to say I am disappointed in this is not even close.
I myself am not a Meta user either but I would do some research on a product that I would be interested in before buying it.


oh so it would be the consumers fault???? omg! are you serious?? alrighty then, I get where this is going. Thanks. I guess one day I may have a functional headset, I wont hold my breath though.
I hope you have great day Angelyn, we hope to have this issue solved very soon and we will have some information sent your way very soon hang in there!


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Yes my original quest one works just fine but the quest 2 that they sent the refinished one doesn’t. It does not make any sense that some work and some don’t. And we do research our stuff before buying. There wasn’t an issue untill the company switched over to meta and screwed everything up.  I have been waiting a month now for a fix that was supposed to take days. And I am appalled at the fact they won’t replace it with a meta headset that does work.  I am still waiting a response from one I sent yesterday. I think all of us that have had ongoing issues and that have been getting the run around should file a suit if they don’t rectify the situation. There is no way I should pay 600 for a game system that worked fine till the company upgraded and messed everything up and not be compensated for my unit time hassle and emotional stress this causes due to not being able to use a product that was working fine before the company upgrade. This is their fault not the consumer 

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I hear you. I'm having the same problem. I've done all of what you have done to try to pair my new device I can't even remote wipe my old device. When it failed, the headset wouldn't turn on again so I had to try to wipe it remotely.  I kept getting the message that it failed. I still have the old device showing up and being searched for by my account and I've tried everything (even talking to meta) to get it removed.  I think maybe this is why I can't pair the device they sent me to my account? After reading these other posts, I dread there is a further problem. I'm sorry I can't help you but I am extremely angry, too. This has been a nightmare for the past months.

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I have got the same issue. Refurbished replacement won’t pair. So angry as all we are told to do is wait. What to do!

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Hi there. First of all I am French so my English is at the level of Google translation sorry for that.
I understand you! I experienced exactly the same frustration.
Now my Quest is working fine:
1 I deleted my other accounts and keep only one account in my case email account (Delete Facebook and instagram)
2 restart mobile app and Quest 2
3 My headset is now visible on the mobile app but still not paired. But the most important thing is that the headset settings appeared and I just set up the wifi.
4 Connect to the same wifi network as your mobile.
The problem is as I thought related to the account and the fact that the quest 2 is not on the same wifi network as the mobile app meta.
Hope this will be of use to you. Good luck