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Replacement taking ages

Level 4

I've been waiting for my replacement quest 2 for 6 weeks now. Has anyone been waiting longer I wanted to know how bad the returns and replacement system is. 


Level 4

They received my faulty headset 40 days ago, but I've been without a working headset for nearly 2 months.  They sent out a refurb that was still set up for somebody else and also broken, so I had to send that back and now they are stuck "investigating" why it's taking so long.  

Which country are you from?  The issue's I'm having are in the UK.

I'm in the UK as well would love to know if people are struggling in other countries like the USA as I'm sure they wouldn't put up with it there. I've also asked for a refund so I can go buy another quest as there's loads of stock in argos and pcworld but they won't. It doesn't seem right that when your quest becomes faulty you don't get a new replacement and I've read so many comments from people who have received replacement headsets that are worse than what they sent in. 

Level 4

Bumping this thread as neither of our issues have been sorted and they locked the other thread!


@MetaQuestSupport any reason our other thread was locked when none of our issues have been resolved?  Stop hiding and answer our questions please:-

Any updates?