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Resolved Issue - App Sharing Not Able to Play Simultaneously

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I keep getting error messages that I can’t play the same game on different oculus’s at once even though I am admin in both and it’s still not letting me. It worked 2 weeks ago but has no suddenly stopped working. I’m not going to be buying the game again on that device. I hope someone can contact me and tel me how to fix this app sharing issues because right now I can’t play with my family. 

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@Bendit74 actually you can play shared games just with ONE (1) other person.
Additionally you have to buy another Quest 2 and set it up with you as owner to let the other person play on a sub-account. 

This has been actively featured by Oculus/Meta and led to increased purchase numbers of additional Quest 2 devices. So it is to be regarded as a marketing strategy - not as an exploit.

Please first inform yourself about the whole topic and the reason why there is such a huge backlash from the community. Otherwise we reiterate what has already been said again and again to get everyone on the same information level to have an educated opinion.

There are a number of apps that support same account multiplayer so that you can all be logged in to the same account and play with family. Just make sure app sharing is turned off. Demeo is one of those apps along with almost all of the apps from that studio, Resolution games. Cookout a sandwich tale and blaston are two more of their games that support this. Demeo even gave all of the VR owners of the game a free copy of the PC version that just released and you can play along together with the VR version.


Another app that has embraced this is walkabout mini golf. I have tested both Demeo and walkabout mini golf with up to 4 headsets (two quest 2, a quest 1, and an Oculus Rift) and we can all play together at the same time. I have always prioritized apps that support this same account multiplayer functionality without requiring you to use Facebook's app sharing and I encourage others to do the same. 

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Is there anyone here that actually has v39? The update is not available for me yet. 

So if I understand you correctly I just need to turn off app sharing. For Walkabout both headsets would be accessing the game via the primary account? No secondary account?

Yes turn off app sharing and log into both headsets with the primary account. 

So in the game, both players are named the same? How does this work?

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It's different in each game but I'm RF404 and there will be something like RF404 guest 

Please read the thread. This is exactly what we could do, but can't at the moment. This is what this thread is about. I own 2 headsets and was able to share games in the way you state, but we can’t now. This is the point of this thread.