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Resolved Issue (V39/PTC) - No refresh rate options above 72Hz

Level 4

Title says all, can't anything above 72hz using Link Cable or Air Link. Apparently this has been an issue since the beta rollout of v39 which is extremely disappointing to hear.


If anyone knows or finds a workaround for SteamVR@120hz I would love to hear out what you did, I spent 30 minutes doing everything imaginable thinking it was on my end until I went on the forums to check it out.


Level 2

Hi, same problem here, talked to the support team at oculus and they told me that are aware of the issue. Don`t know when they will fix it. (i`m from Argentina) 


Atleast you have 90hz 😔


EDIT: whoops I double sent that my replies glitched 😅

That's not correct. If you look at some members screenshots I don't have an option above 72.

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I thought I did. I only have the option, but the frame rate itself is locked at 72 🙂

Level 3

Im a new content creator and at this point, Oculus is not allowing me to make content for my Youtube channel. I feel like we should get free store credit or at least a coupon!!

Level 3

I recently bought the Quest 2 this past weekend (Meta Quest 2 branded box), and after updating (v39) and setting it up I am also having this issue. Refresh locked at 72 Hz, and resolution locked on both standalone and when connected to Oculus PCVR. I bought this headset as an upgrade to the CV1 which I purchased back in 2016... and I couldn't be more disappointed that Oculus effectively removed features with an update. I get motion sick easily and 72 Hz appears horrible. Hopefully they can fix this quickly, because I this everything is borderline unplayable. 

Level 3

can't believe that i'm now get used to playing at 72hz.

i check this topic everyday and i really hope to see it fixed.

Your not the only one im also checking it everyday can't belive they haven't fixed it yet, the bug has been here for 2 entire weeks now. LOL

Level 4

Capture d’écran (2).pngHi everybody !
My PC Oculus app has been uptaded to V40. ( Waiting now for the headset.
Like Aragorn said : "There's always hope"

Level 12

Like me many people  can only get 72hz on their quest 2 on airlink since the 39 version update and 120 experimental mode is gona on the standalone. Version 40 just came out and didn't correct the problem. My standalone still has version 39 but my pc that has 40 is still stuck on 72 and no higher refresh buttons. What the heck was version 40 if not a fix?