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Resolved Issue (V39/PTC) - No refresh rate options above 72Hz

Level 4

Title says all, can't anything above 72hz using Link Cable or Air Link. Apparently this has been an issue since the beta rollout of v39 which is extremely disappointing to hear.


If anyone knows or finds a workaround for SteamVR@120hz I would love to hear out what you did, I spent 30 minutes doing everything imaginable thinking it was on my end until I went on the forums to check it out.


Level 3

Hey guys! i have good news my headset just updated to version 40 and when i go in the experimental features i see 120hz!! so i guess it's fixed go and update your headset's! Happy Quest'ing

Hi benjoz... Have you forced the upgrade? 'cause my quest 2 still won't upgrade to v40.

I mean the update is rolling out so can't guarantee you're getting the update right away but if you want it fast try this method should work 🙂