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(Resolved) Known Issue - V62/63 USB-C Debris/Water Warning


v62 has a big problem with USB port sensor (found the very same issue on my Q3 and the one of my wife)... when used with an extension cable (even if it is a quality cable) from time to time star showing the debris-water warning message. Of course there is no debris or water, just a nasty software false alarm.

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I provided my information to you yesterday.  My Quest 3 was on v64, but just updated to the later v64 version below.  I am still encountering the USB-C debris error and link cable still doesn't work with it like it originally worked.


I believe in most countries it's against consumer protection/trading standards law to remove or break a functionality on a product or service a consumer has paid for and not make reasonable efforts to resolve or compensate them for said damage. They also shouldn't continue to sell to further customers with a known limitation and not inform them upfront. Even worse if that involves a recurring payment or subscription to a service they are no longer access but are continuing to be charged for (quest+). 

It doesn't matter if it's a hardware or software issue. Hardware - they should recall and replace the bad batches, Software - then they are knowingly selling devices where a proportion of their customers are not going to get what they paid for. It's been over two months and there are still new people arriving on this thread everyday. There are even tons of reviews on amazon for cables from users who are absolutely ripping into these unsuspecting manufacturers because they think they are selling dodgy cables so they are affecting other businesses as they are getting blamed for meta's issues because the users don't know it's the headset so I suspect the issue is far deeper and wider and affecting way more users than even this thread is highlighting. (just have a look at all the quest cable reviews on amazon and you will see people complaining)

If this was a car and they had released an update to the engine software that meant it broke down every five miles they would have been fined massively already

@EdLuva72  Also on the same, latest v64 update.  I’ve never got this usb debris error message with my Q3 using my Elite battery strap or bypassed using my official Link cable connected to my z790mb usb 3.2 type C port.  I’m not sure why some seem to have this issue?  If it was software related then I think I’d see this.  Sounds like a hardware related issue imho.  Maybe cable/connectors/usb ports, who knows?

i9 13900K water cooled, RTX4090, Z790 MB w/wifi6e, 32Gb 6400 ram, 2x2TB SSD, 1000W PSU, Win 11, QPro, Q3, w/Link and Air Link, Vive Pro1 with Etsy lens mod and Index Controllers

I put in a support ticket a couple days ago because of the debris error and because the original charger brick died around the same time as the v62 update (the cable still worked).  I received the RMA today and sent off the headset.  Meta is also shipping a new charger and cable.

Exactly the same for me, on the same version.

Even the OEM supplied charge cable causes it. I’m unable to use anything in the USB socket without this message appearing every time.


I never had this issue before with my Quest 3, but this just happened to me. Using link cable and it popped up. Again, first time this ever happened, must be the new update....lame. Really freaked me out lol. Probably a false error, but it does prevent my cable from working....

I get liquid debris message whenever i turn off my headset and back turn on i see this message.usb c is totally unuseable except slow chrging.I live in Pakistan suggest me what to do.ln Pakistan we dont ve local warranty.

Just updated to V64. Made no difference to me. Still getting USB debris error on my Quest 3. Took like 3  minutes after connecting powered cable to error out.

I posted a message last friday about how many cables and devices I had tested with and how my device had issues with all them. I tested with 13 different brands of cables (all expensive hi spec ones of varying lengths and types), including 3 different brands of power injector cables (now 4 because I bought another brand this weekend), 12 different chargers, 3 different powered hubs and 12 various desktop and laptop machines of varying specs and operating systems. 

Off the back of that I was pretty confident it was the quest and not the cables/machines and so on but to finally prove it I went and brought a brand new quest.

I factory reset the old and updated the new one to the same v64 version so they are setup the same. I then methodically went through all the cables, hubs, computers and such again. 

Results?  the old one has problems with nearly all of the various combinations.  The new one has NO ISSUES AT ALL with any of them (so far)

What I think happened - since most devices worked fine before v62 and there is this passing reference, ominous on reflection, on the v62 change log - quote 

  • We've made improvements to Link stability, reliability and battery efficiency.

I suspect the firmware on the MCU that controls the cypd3177 usb pd delivery chip was adjusted to change the power negotiation profiles for this "stability, reliability and battery efficiency" and a mistake was made.  Maybe drawing too much power or something.  This change was rolled back later or fixed forward in later release. For some people their hardware tolerated the extra power but some people it caused permanent damage which is why the "fix" has not worked. (all components are made slightly different and some will break easier than others)

This is why the my new device which skipped and never touched v62 works perfectly because it was never overloaded or what ever happened at v62. Some people it wasn't used or overloaded long or hard enough to cause damage, but others it's just fried or something.

Either that or it's time to start tracking serial numbers because maybe there were some dodgy batches out of the factories and the old one is a bad batch and the new one is a good batch.

Just theories but and it could be my new headset develops the same problems soon but so far - one works with everything and one works with nothing and for me that is pretty telling


Thanks, that analysis certainly seems very plausible. I have also raised a support ticket for what I believe to be same issue, my device is only a month old and has had this issue from new.


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