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Resolved - Quest 2 Passthrough on left eye turns black


My headset is a Quest 2 and every time I turn it on, the passthrough cameras show everything while setting up the boundary. The problem starts after starting a VR app or game. After you quit, only the right camera stays on. 

Here's a video showcasing the problem. 


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I bought my Oculus Quest 2 three days ago. When I use passthrough, the left eye looks black.

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Hi ! I just bought a brand you Quest 2 , like 2 days ago.


Reel Camera worked just fine until yesterday. When i switch to reel camera, i have it on the right eye, but on the left eye i only have the interface and a black screen behind.

If i switch to the kinda office, everythiung is fine 😞

Is there a fix or should I return my Quest 2 ?


(a friend of mine xho has one since a long time has the same issue, so our guess is that it's not hardware related, but who knows)


Thanks for your help

Meta Quest Support
Meta Quest Support

Hey everyone! I was just checking in here to see how things were going. 

Also, I was wondering if someone could provide a potential video of the issue happening, along with any steps you might need to take to run into the issue?

Sometimes it's okay to be a little Bing Chilling

I have been encountering this issue for at least a couple of weeks and am happy to have found this thread via Reddit because I was about to factory reset the Quest. Thank you.

  1. I have Quest 2 and Quest 3 and this is only happening on my Quest 2
  2. My video would look exactly like SquaredX's ( ). When I tap to passthrough, left eye is black plus Oculus UI, right eye has passthrough plus Oculus UI overlaid. It's not a hardware problem because when I first boot and passthrough turns on to yell at me for "Objects Found in Boundary" I see passthrough plus Oculus UI in both eyes.
  3. Pulled from MQDH: 
    System version: 50670960048600150
    Firmware version:
    Firmware BuildID and Date: SQ3A.220605.009.A1 Fri Nov 10 03:30:21 PST 2023
  4. The headset has never been on PTC. Live public consumer updates only.
  5. Mobile Meta Quest app version: iOS
  6. Is the issue through PCVR or standalone? Standalone
  7. Any potential workarounds? Turning off space sense AND rebooting worked fine. I was worried when turning off space sense didn't fix it: I turned it off, tapped my headset for passthrough, and my left eye was still black. But after rebooting, it's functioning normally. Except without Space Sense, which I like!

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Edit to add: Space Sense is kind of a vital feature when you have cats that like to enter your boundary. So I'm looking forward to a real fix.

I haven’t gotten a video (I can get one later today if you’d like) but I figured out what’s causing it and how to fix it. Turning on Space Sense causes it to happen and fixing it just requires turning off Space Sense and rebooting!

Hi! I have the same problem 😞
I don't know exactly what it's related to. I started having this about two weeks ago (the helmet is over a year old). During this time, I found out that the camera works and processes the image (Quest, if you close the three working cameras, continues to track movements, hands, etc. normally). So it's most likely a software problem. 
Hopefully you or I will get an answer about this problem 🥺

Hi, I got an answer from Meta support . Here is what they wrote to do (after these actions, I lost the problem):

Hey @Danuk18! It's definitely pretty difficult to get fully immersed in the content when you can only see out of one lens! We'd love to help out with clearing up the issue! We've seen some users have this issue before, and a fix that has worked in the past for them was by disabling the space sense feature.


  1. Select Settings in the top right corner.
  2. Select Boundary, then select Roomscale.
  3. Scroll down and select Space Sense, then select the toggle next to Space Sense to turn this feature on or off.

If that doesn't work out for you, please let us know, and we'll see what else we can give a shot!

They better fix it or else there will be so much backlash in the community.


I have had nothing but problems with Quest 2 for two years.

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