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Resolved - Quest 2 Passthrough on left eye turns black


My headset is a Quest 2 and every time I turn it on, the passthrough cameras show everything while setting up the boundary. The problem starts after starting a VR app or game. After you quit, only the right camera stays on. 

Here's a video showcasing the problem. 


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Meta Quest Support
Meta Quest Support

Hey everyone! Just wanted to jump in here and state that I'll be locking this thread. The main reason being that the original post was created a few versions ago and was resolved. 

If you're running into anything at the moment, I recommend reaching out on the Get Help boards in a new post or a private message to @MetaQuestSupport.


Sometimes it's okay to be a little Bing Chilling

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Same issue here, just finished beat saber session, wanted to put q2 back to its place so turned on and left eye passthrough view was black, UI rendered correctly. Weird issue

I really wonder why that happens... It's probably a V59PTC issue since the Q3 has three cameras in the front unlike the Q2 which uses the bottom two cameras for passthrough... It's probably that  the Q2 is most likely running on the exact software of the Quest 3...


Same here... At first, the home environment allows for both eye passthrough on Quest 2. Then I launch a game, and the issue starts to happen.  

Funny thing is, I noticed a few games that work in passthrough mode, all is black except for the outline of objects, using the object awareness feature. I then look up, the passthrough turns on with my right eye, but left eye remains black except for the virtual objects. Then I look down, and the passthrough all is black, both eyes. This happened in v57 and v59. I do have the beta updates turned on.

I've tried restarting the headset and is a mixed of it fixing the issue.

Do I need to Factory Reset to the previous non-beta release... most likely, the first fix to try?

I did read from an Unreal or Unity forum that some devs were having this issue within their own game: The thread doesn't have anything about Passthrough just maybe the game camera settings.... hmmm.

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I noticed the issue for the first time a couple days ago. Since I got my Q3 I have not used my Q2 for a while. The last time I tried restarting the Quest, the passthrough didn't work in the left eye from the start. Normally, it breaks after I load a game. The explanation from Sobbyyy makes sense. I hope it will be fixed in the nest software update.

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Same problem, left eye camera defective.

I'm having that problem too 😕 

Whenever I go to the boot menu and reboot headset, this goes away for a little bit until you go to immersive mode

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I also get this issue with Quest 2 v59. The left eye passthrough video feed is black. The camera doesn't seem to be turned off as controllers track well even on the left side of the headset.
Rebooting it fixes it temporarily, but whenever using passthrough in apps (for me it's Virtual Desktop) the left side will go black after a while.


I’m just happy this is most likely a software thing .. I’m really not financially ready for the quest 3 yet 😞

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