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Resolved - Quest 2 Passthrough on left eye turns black


My headset is a Quest 2 and every time I turn it on, the passthrough cameras show everything while setting up the boundary. The problem starts after starting a VR app or game. After you quit, only the right camera stays on. 

Here's a video showcasing the problem. 



happens every time i use vrchat


I myself have started having this issue, I purchased my Q2 on oct 7th and it never had this issue until the recent software update, I have not tried factory resetting my headset but this is annoying that after anything fully immersive is used, when you go back to passthrough it stops the left eye working until the unit is restarted.

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Exactly the same issue. I can briefly fix it by rebooting the device, but every time I go to link cable (or airlink) mode to connect with the PC and enter passthrough mode, it happens again.

When I'm using native apps in stationary mode, no issues.

Meta Quest Support
Meta Quest Support

[NOT A SOLUTION] - Just marking this for the visibility of everyone running into this issue.

[Edit] - Users are reporting that turning off space sense helps fix this as a workaround. Give that a shot and let me know!

Hey everyone! I've noticed this thread kind of going off, so I wanted to make sure this got over into the right hands.

At the moment this has been flagged internally and our team is working on a solution for this. If you're experiencing the issue, I suggest submitting a bug report that'll go directly to our engineers.

Thanks everyone! 

Sometimes it's okay to be a little Bing Chilling

  1. I only have a Quest 2.
  4. Nope I'm on the stable release
  5. My mobile app is on version
  6. The issue is with mobile passthrough, specifically when I have room-scale guardians turned on and I open an application that supports mixed reality mode.
  7. If the issue happens I have to restart my device to fix the passthrough (even if it is just passthrough on the homescreen). Using stationary guardian seems to avoid the left black eye issue.

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I have a new Oculus Quest 2 for about a week. The same ar issue on the left eye occurs when launching a game (like Broken Edge). This angers me. Don't release an update that bricks your devices Meta! I tried a solution with adding more light and making a new border, play without casting,... without succes. Only reboot works. Guess a bug in immersion mode.


Headset version is 50670960048600150

I don't have the headset with me at the time so I can't give any samples or the version number but noticed this happening last week or so on my Quest 2.  Putting down a "me too" so I can follow this thread and see if any fixes pop up.  (Honestly, a small part of me wanted my Quest 2 to be failing so I could have a legitimate excuse to get a Quest 3.)


I had this issue a few weeks ago. (3 days after getting my headset) Contacted Meta customer support and they said to reset it. Thankfully, I had only been using it for 3 days so I didn’t lose much data. After resetting it everything worked but today, when I enabled Space Sense, immediately the left camera shut off. Disabling it didn’t do anything and even resetting guardian didn’t help. I hope they can fix this soon because I don’t want to reset my headset again. Also, when I cover my right camera hand tracking still works on my left camera so I know the camera isn’t fully shut off.

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Also suffering this issue, exactly the same as others. Working during initial room setup and then left eye passthrough going black after loading into an app with room scale. Replying to monitor to see if there is a resolution.

Do you have Space Sense turned on? It’s the setting that makes outlines things with purple in full VR mode

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