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Resolved - Quest 2 Passthrough on left eye turns black


My headset is a Quest 2 and every time I turn it on, the passthrough cameras show everything while setting up the boundary. The problem starts after starting a VR app or game. After you quit, only the right camera stays on. 

Here's a video showcasing the problem. 


Hey there! It's been awhile since I've checked this post. Anyways, I turned off automatic updates for my headset so it doesn't update to V62 yet. The reason why I'm doing this is because I don't want to factory reset while leaving PTC. Is factory resetting the only norm now or can you leave PTC without having to factory reset?

Thank you Bradley this seem to fix the left eye problem but now when I go into Thrill of the fight app I see my oponent and the referee but I also see my environment like i am in pass-through and not immersed and my setting are imerssed.  Any idea?

Hey @Sobbyyy. As far as downgrading to the public release from PTC, if the PTC version you're in is the same as the live version then you won't need to factory reset the headset since there won't be any way to go lower. However, if the live version is not on the same version as the PTC then the factory reset would be the only way to downgrade.

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Preesh! Thank you 😄

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so basically, i have not had my meta quest 2 headset for a few months, and for some reason when i select "roomscale boundary" when i go into passthrough mode, my left lens is just black and shows no camera footage. and this only happens with roomscale boundary, and does not happen with stationary boundary. i don't know how to fix this, and i don't want to have to factory reset the device to fix it because i do not want to loose all my game progress.

if anyone has any suggestions, lmk

Try this, it worked for me without having to factory reset.

I have this problem on my quest 2. I found if I go to the quick settings menu, and click settings in the top right. I can go to "physical space", then "boundary" and scroll to the bottom where it says "space sense" and flip the toggle to off. You will only see the toggle once you have entered immersive mode, and only if you have a roomscale boundary defined. Once the toggle is flipped to off, you will probably have to reboot the quest 2 to get the passthrough cameras to work again. But you should then no longer have the left black camera in passthrough.


Still broken in latest version, the left eye is black when walking outside play area for a drink or anything, which feels kinda bad to see only with one eye. This has existed for months now and not fixed. Good to hear it can be workarounded by disabling space sense, which I'll try next time, but it's also kinda bad because it's a safety feature and it has sometimes prevented me from stepping on my cat. Wonder why it takes so long to fix the bug.

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Hi, I have a problem that when packaging to Quest 3, my Unreal app shows splited image, right eye has passthrough only, left eye black with scene objects. Unreal version is 5.3.2, Meta XR v62, Quest 3 is updated.


I tried experimenting with mobile multi view, mobile HDR, instanced stereo, MSAA/FXAA, deferred/forward shading, turning them on and off, nothing seemed to fix it, where I found that the only option that avoid completely black eye or no passthrough is mobile multi view on, mobile HDR off, instanced stereo on, forward shading with  MSAA.

Do you have any idea what could cause the issue and how could I fix it? Thanks in advance.

Rocker, I had this problem with the Quest  2, when I looked for help, I was told that this is a bug with "space sense" do you have this on?  If so, try turning it off.  That's what fixed it it for me.

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I'm having an issue with masked passthrough only working in the left eye. Specifically, I'm trying the PassthroughHands and Lighting samples for Unity and the passhthroughed hands or light only show for the left eye. The right eye shows the VR scene, but not the passthrough content.
My device is a Quest Pro (with space sense disabled) and I'm running the samples via Quest Link on Unity 2022.
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