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[Resolved] - Quest 3 Elite Strap with Battery only connects for a few seconds

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Is anyone working on the Quest 3 elite battery issue?  It charges but won’t connect to the headset for more than a few seconds, meaning you cannot charge through the back port.

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The original video was about 7 minutes. I played a round "Beat Saber" and started "Eleven Table Tennis" and checked every time if the battery strap still shows up and it did! 

I have not only the same issue, but issues charging the Q3 directly. And issues with very fast draining. And discrepancies showing the battery % between elite strap plugged in and not. 

I have had the same thing as far as seeing the two separate percentages then I believe the random percentage you get is in the middle of the headset battery percentage and the elite strap battery percentage.  Like I had last night the elite strap battery plugged into my Quest 3 while using it and when I hovered over the battery percentage,  it showed 70% elite battery,  30% headset battery and then when I went away from that the percentage showed 50% which is in-between the 70% and 30%. Then when I unplugged the elite battery cable the percentage showed 30% which was the true headset percentage.  I was having an issue where the elite strap with battery would not charge for more than a few seconds, but if I charged my Quest 3 headset it charged fine if I had it plugged directly from my AC outlet.  For some reason last night I tried what others said which is plugging the power usb-c cable directly into the elite strap battery and then plugged the elite strap cable into my headset usb-c connection. I didn't think it would help anything, because the elite strap battery did like it does and turned orange for a good 15 seconds,  but went blank and my headset led stayed on orange. I would say about 2.5 hours later I checked and saw a green light on my headset led, but surprisingly saw a green light on the elite strap battery also. So that was at around 4:30am and i unplugged all the charging cables to see what the battery life was later. When I woke up at 9am I put the headset on to see what was the battery levels.  My headset was at 98% and the elite strap battery was at 100%, kind of interesting, because how do I lose 2% in like 4 hours and I know it wasn't being charged,  but still, so maybe I should always have it charging.  Anyway,  I saw both battery percentages as 98% headset and already 96% elite strap battery. Another few minutes or so I still had both batteries recognized separately as 97% headset and 94% elite strap battery. I didn't like that battery going down fast. I had an update and it was to the version I have seen others put. Forget the exact version.  So now I turned off the headset and charged the headset and elite strap battery like the night before and after like 10 minutes or so I checked the situation and the headset led was orange,  but when I pulled out the cable it turned green and the elite strap battery led was green,  so fingers crossed at this moment to see when I use the Quest 3 tonight if it recognizes the 2 batteries separately for a long time and actually gives me charge from the elite strap battery to my Quest headset battery and basically does what it should although it seems to use up the elite strap battery pretty quickly,  which some have said.  Definitely seems my elite strap with battery will not charge separately,  but is charging when I have tge 2 batteries charging at the same time. I will take that as a win for now, but I know it could stop working from what sone have said.  Sorry for the long reply,  but maybe this helps at all.

I posted a reply somewhere on this thread where my experience was actually different,  because it kept recognizing the 2 batteries separately for quite awhile.  At least 10 minutes or so. Like it started at 70% elite strap battery and 30% headset battery, after I  unplugged the cable, I had around 60% elite strap battery and around 20% headset battery and between them was overall 42% battery percentage. I did it another time for about 4 minutes and still worked, but that was just before the update that puts it at version 57 something,  so maybe that update will mess it up. I will see later. Not sure if that helps. My elite strap battery does go down quick though 

It's not permanently recognized though. It's recognized for 5 seconds then not recognized anymore when you unplug it from the USB-C Port and back in again. 

I wonder which serial numbers are eligible for a replacement and how could you do it locally if there isn't a local Meta Quest store. Right now my elite strap battery is being recognized when plugged into my Quest and both batteries show separately for awhile until I have unplugged the cable, so who knows if it will ever disconnect, but the elite strap battery doesn't charge on its own and seems to deplete pretty quickly when plugged into the Quest headset. Haven't tested how long it will last and I probably should do that.  Sp I have issues,  but maybe not as bad as some have it.

I had an issue after my headset died today with my second (working) elite strap. I plugged the strap into the mains while it was connected to the headset. In around an hour the headset only went up about 5% and the strap was at 0% still. (The light on headset was orange but it didn’t show the strap charging when looking at the charge screen when off) I had to hold the button on the strap for 15 seconds to reset it and now it’s charging the headset properly. Weird issue, this things a bit of a disaster product. 

If it's not a software issue, this blunder is going to be expensive.


Can you please post a picture of the Meta Team telling this issue is not a firmware problem. Be sure to scrub your personal information off the screenshot. 

Once again, can you please upload proof that this isn't software/firmware related?

This did not work for me. Unfortunately, still experiencing the issue. Not sure if I should get a replacement from Best Buy, wait for an update from Meta, or just return it and get a 3rd party strap. This is upsetting. First a dead pixel and now this.

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