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[Resolved] - Quest 3 Elite Strap with Battery only connects for a few seconds

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Is anyone working on the Quest 3 elite battery issue?  It charges but won’t connect to the headset for more than a few seconds, meaning you cannot charge through the back port.

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Mine works for the most part but occasionally I need to unplug it and plug it back in; as soon as I do that it is recognized if it disappears for some reason.  Hoping they can issue a FW update to make detection more reliable.


I don't know why is this marked as any kind of "solution," it seems this is a widespread (if not ubiquitous) issue that really needs someone to step forward and say "hey guys, this accessory does not work, here is how to fix or replace it." 


As of right now I don't even see it listed as an accessory to contact support for, which is a whole other problem that should be addressed. I love my Quest 3 but this is one in a long list of bugs I've experienced for the platform so far that are NOT present on Quest 2. This is the worst issue I've found though, this is a $130 accessory that doesn't function at all. That's not acceptable, we need a better response. 

FYI the category I picked for support was "orders and payments". I am supposed to receive a replacement today, it's with the courier. However yeah the support is very inconsistent, it may take 3-4 different sessions to get someone who knows that Meta is actually offering replacements, and a few more to recognise that they don't ask for the original product back before the replacement is sent. And currently even though it's supposed to arrive today according to the courier, the support person just emailed me that "it may take 5-12 days for it to arrive". So the system and internal communication is... Not great, however something can eventually get done it seems if you are persistent. I will send an update reply today to confirm whether the replacement has actually arrived or not... And then a week or so later if it arrives to update whether the replacement has become a brick or not. 

I just logged one saying the battery of the Q3 itself was no good.

In fact i used the online chat yesterday and have a new one on the way to be delivered tomorrow.

So if this new one works then that is fantastic service by Meta.

Just make sure you have the serial number at hand (I took a photo of it).

They will also ask for your receipt details too.

CPU: Intel i9-10990k.
Graphics Card: Nvidia Geforce GTX3080,
Viewed on: Oculus Quest 2 or 28" BenQ monitor (x2),
Hard Drive: 2TB Samsung SSD (games), 512GB Samsung SSD (OS), 512GB SSD (3d),
OS: Win 11 64 bit

So I got my replacement today (less than 24h after a chat with support, another great service from them!)
So far the replacement is working. The S/N of this one is oddly earlier than my original one (the broken one thus).

Original one (broken): 2V5SQ0B F7XXXXX
New one: 2V5SQ0B F6XXXXX

I'm still sceptic if it will last since my original one lasted almost a week before breaking. Time will tell!

Let us know how you go. My one I got on launch day was a F6XXXXX


Has anyone who got a meta-direct replacement via support had it fail on them? I had an Amazon one fail, but wondered if meta were sending out working straps or not. Of course, some comms from them would help clear the situation up but they don’t seem inclined to do that 🫤

I'm wondering how you managed to get a replacement strap 24 hours after chatting with support as I submitted a ticket 10/13 it took them several days to even send me the form to possibly have my strap replaced, I filled & sent back, then requested updates twice over the next week to absolutely no response.


Finally got on chat with them and after 2 hours of being incredibly persistent, they finally agreed to replace my strap - BUT I would have to send my old strap back, wait 7 business days for it to arrive, and be inspected, then they would mail out a replacement.

I don't want to say that Meta is on here doing damage control, but it is very obvious that some "customers" are having a VERY different customer support experience than others.


I also have to send mine back and get it inspected before I get a replacement. Now I gotta scrounge for a box and packing materials too. 

Also as a troubleshooting step they had me factory reset my headset which deleted all my game saves (unless there is a cloud save feature?). So I probably did that for nothing which I'm not happy about.

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