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[Resolved] - Quest 3 Elite Strap with Battery only connects for a few seconds

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Is anyone working on the Quest 3 elite battery issue?  It charges but won’t connect to the headset for more than a few seconds, meaning you cannot charge through the back port.

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Got my replacement from Meta yesterday and everything is working again (for now). So in my case it seemed to be a hardware issue. My old faulty one doesn't charge for more than 5 seconds, even other USB-C devices, whereas the new one charges everything as expected. Tested both with v59 as well, no difference compared to v57.

Fingers crossed that the replacement will work longer than the 5 days the old one did and I don't have to play 'hardware lottery' and the 'Meta support game' again... 🤞

Did your headset ever dropped to 0 battery and turned off? I am wondering if that could trigger the issue. Batteries "like" to be somehwere between 30% - 80% for a long lasting life.

Why is there no option to select the Elite Headstrap with Battery from the support options? I've tried via WhatsApp but no one is chatting with me even though I'm connected to 'Neil'. 

I chose 'Headset, Battery, Battery Icon Does Not Change' to open an issue for the Elite Headstrap. Took around 48h for an answer...

Hey! Why not. I guess when it's storming might as well hit all the waves!

My battery strap just hit this malfunction to. (yey!)

I'll be returning it to my hardware store tomorrow.

Do we have any clue as to what is causing this? Should we not charge the strap to 100%? Should vi only use the official charger? Should we not leave it in when in standby... you know... any clues as to how to not brake the next one till this issue is fixed from the software side?

You wrote my experience to the letter! One green pixel in the middle of the left eye. Thank goodness its only obvious when dark.

The battery behaves exactly like you say, even after they sent a replacement. 

I got a replacement and that also dropped to 0% and it survived it. Still for a week running as it should.

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God no... no "thank goodnes". Return that c*** under warranty and get a new headset. 


Update from my replacement: it's still good, only issue is when I leave the device off and the cable is connected, it will slowly drain the battery. Apart from that, no other issues, it can maintain the connection and extend the active lifetime of the device as I'm using it.

I also can't understand how it's possible not to solve that issue. Absolute unbelievable.

There would be enough time to clear this per softwareupdate in the last weeks. 

Wasn't it tested before throwing it in the crowd.

I'd never thought that Meta Deals like this. It's not a 4 man handling.

It's very sad.

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