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[Resolved] - Quest 3 Elite Strap with Battery only connects for a few seconds

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Is anyone working on the Quest 3 elite battery issue?  It charges but won’t connect to the headset for more than a few seconds, meaning you cannot charge through the back port.

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Don't know if you know this @jdd1.2023 but as OP you can mark the "solution" as "not solution" so that people don't get pissed of when finding this thread.

Recommended editing your original post with @MetaQuestSupport respons to road to VR: "While we typically offer RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) for defective units, replacing the strap may not necessarily resolve the problem. We are aware of the emerging issue where the Meta Quest 3 Elite Strap with Battery is not recognized by the headset or fails to charge,” Meta support told Road to VR. “Our engineering team is actively working on finding a solution for this issue. Once they have identified a resolution, we will contact you with an update.”

also mark the title as "Known issue - "...

And ad the reset method of unplugging your batterystrap and holding the reset button for 12 seconds as alot of people don't know this method even though this only works in some cases.



My last response to them was the following



I find it both typical, and appalling that you are not able to take a return and give a refund over a five day difference. I am sure there is a way to make an exception for this especially considering the scope and scale of the issue. I assure you that I will be returning every defective product you send back to me, it might be cheaper for you just to refund this if you are not absolutely certain the issue will be fixed with the next set. Thank you for your response, I will send the defective product back for a replacement promptly, please provide clear instructions. 


There is no solution, they have your money that's all they wanted. 

Shame on Meta for keep selling them for so long. They should have stopped immediately while investigating the issue. They should also ask the retailers to stop selling them.

They have actually pulled them form their official store. Only third party suppliers have them in stock.

Yes, that's what I meant, but it took them a long time to do so while people kept swapping them.

Nowhere in that article does it say that Meta are actually recalling the product. And roadtovr just got the same response that people on this thread have been getting - to paraphrase, 'there might be a problem, we're looking into it, we'll let you know'. So that article was a big nothing burger.


same here:

- my "Elite strap with battery for Meta Quest 3" is no longer recognized by my Quest 3 and apparently no longer charges
- when trying to charge the "Elite strap with battery for Meta Quest 3", the yellow LED lights up for a few seconds and then goes out (tested on the original charger and on another USB-C charger, also tested with two different cables)
- if I briefly press the "Elite strap with battery for Meta Quest 3" power button, the LED lights up yellow (battery low)
- after connecting the "Elite strap with battery for Meta Quest 3" to the Quest 3, the strap is displayed as connected for a few seconds, then the connection is interrupted (the Elite strap is not displayed even when the mouse is moved over the battery indicator)
- A reset of the "Elite strap with battery for Meta Quest 3" has not brought any improvement (12-second duck on the power button of the "Elite strap with battery for Meta Quest 3")
I just opened a ticket with Meta asking for a replacement.
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