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Resolved - Quest Airlink lags and stutters after V54 update.


Been using Quest pro with airlink for 4 months now without any issues whatsoever.

After the headset was updated to V54 I'm having headset lag/connection issues on airlink.

Screen is stuttery at times when moving in my playspace or moving my head, the image gets laggy, choppy and black frames appear on the side of the screen oposite to where I'm moving my head.

Image quality has degraded significantly with lots of "artifacts".

This makes casual games like VR chat hard to play due to constant lag and stutter, games like Beat Saber are impossible to play.

I havent changed a single thing in my playspace nor my setup, router config is the same as when it was working, PC is the same, no update has been applied to any of this. 

Any advice would be much appreciated as Im lost on what to do.


Just in case


CPU I9 12900k

32GB Ram


Router: TP-link AX1500 Wifi 6 dedicated just to the headset.


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I explicitly turned off the 2.4 GHz signal from my router to prevent any interference. I have a dedicated wifi 6 Router exclusively for my Quest Pro. This is not a router or network issue.

I mean we've been telling you that no, it's not resolved with v55 update. I don't mind jumping on the other thread but it is absolutely not a bug similar to this one so I don't think it's really giving visibility to this issue...

" I did want to note that the issue with v54 should be resolved now/with the v55 update"

You are  having a go at us surely. You folk have stated this in this thread multiple times ... can you read ? We have told you it is NOT fixed with V55 ... it is NOT FIXED. 

Why would we jump on the other thread, it is a different bug ... this bug is the same as the V54 bug because it is NOT fixed.

And you are supposed to be reading every comment individually.

After seeing how meta has reacted to this fiasco and their utter ignorance. I have finally decided to give up my quest 2 for the pico 4. I'm sure it'll be way better than this stuttery mess that meta caused and has yet to fix it. They are just not taking this seriously, i can't live with that so i am encouraging you guys, if you jave the capacity, please get away from meta and move onto something that gives you the piece of mind. Even if they fix this issue, you're still not sure if they'd screw you over again 


Ima post this here quickly: the bug has evolved from freezing, to outright disconnecting from my router. the headset entirely disconnects from my router (the wifi symbol is greyed out) every now and then just as the freeze begins...

Before you blame my router.... I connected my phone to that sae band and checked it while the freezing/disconnects happen. It stays perfectly connected to my router, on the same 5ghz band (I connected it there as a test.) y headset is connected on.
every freeze happens seeming 15 minutes... and before you say the headset's damaged... no, it's not the hardware. its the v54/v55 update. Not the headset.

Read the other thread you linked. I wrote more details there. but who am I kidding here? No way this or my other message with the details will be read 🙂

I will repeat what I've said: meta, you have a chance to fix yourself, but your lack of action is even eroding that much away. Everyone is tired of this fiasco. people are abandoning you. people will not buy the quest 3.

The pico community and support has been treating me VERY well and they even allow you to turn off auto updates. The customer support and community, despite small, has been treating me like a human, not a meaningless number.

Expert Protege

OMG, Meta, I don't know who is in charge of your developement process and what's his IQ, but here a free advice to you how to handle this situation effectively. Release v56 ASAP with the latest stable version of Wi-Fi driver, which doesn't have this problem. And then take your time, investigate, test and come up with an updated Wi-Fi driver (or whatever you were working on that caused this mess). But make sure that when it's released - it's super polished. Come on, it's obvious that you can't solve the problem quickly if you proceed with fixing that new Wi-Fi driver or whatever software piece of crap ruined the airlink. It's over a month now and it seems you are not even close to fixing it. You keep telling that roll back is not technically possible. WTF? Just take v53, call it v56 and roll it out! Give us some stable experience and then take whatever time you need to experiment further.

I think that in their eyes, the official position is that this bug doesn't exist and we are a bunch of users that just don't know how to setup their headset/wifi correctly.

Seeing some recent posts from officials in here, this is fixed, and it's the end of it.

Omg I bet Mark Zuckerberg is taking a **bleep** in his pants over this comment….

Get a life dude rofl.. Technical stuff like this takes time and a lot of tweaking. software engineering and bug fixing isn’t easy especially if it’s going to get as complicated as performance issues within a device that’s now practically hooked up to a whole other device via WiFi/Bluetooth. Plz Stop acting like Meta is purposefully trying to ruin your life lol how pathetic are you 

Yes I most definitely can read, thank you. 🙂 It may NOT be fixed with v55 but that's why I said we need to distinguish v54 from v55. It's not the same thing to our engineers, so it makes it easier if we have different threads for specifically different versions.

Also - please keep in mind the number 1 rule just about everywhere. Be respectful

Sometimes it's okay to be a little Bing Chilling

While i do understand that these things take a lot of time to fix. But what i don't get is that you think its okay for us to get screwed over by meta and not let out our thoughts and frustration. Its not like we didn't pay for this or anything, you gotta understand that there are people who use the quest 2 everyday to stream their games, so to have this major functionality be terrible flawed after an update would mean that this feature is basically broken, i also have to note that they might be only playing the games on thier pc, so now they just sit and wait for a whole god **bleep** month to get this fixed, and even after waiting its STILL NOT FIXED, and you think that those people should stfu and not do anything about it? I suggest that you try to understand our perspective before putting out a comment about us being "pathetic " 

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