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Retribution Chapter 2 Question - Import saved file from Saints and Sinners

Level 3

I have an Oculus Quest 2. Cloud back up is on and I see Saints and Sinners in the cloud backup.

When I'm in the VR I have a lot of saved games, it always shows the last day I played as a saved file. So.....

I just turned on Retribution and it asks if I want to start a new Game or load saved data from S&S. I tried to import but it says I have no saved files. Does anyone know how I export from the S&S so I can import to the new Chapter 2. I don't want to start all over.

I've googled all over and can't find any help. Does anyone here have info to help me?



Level 2

Same problem here hopefully Oculus helps soon!

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey @Squee66, there was some information shared by the developers! You'll be able to import a save file from the first Saints & Sinners into Retribution to carry over your progress. At the moment this feature is not working on launch. There will be a patch planned to address this. Please only use this feature on the next update.

When the feature is implemented, you will be able to import your save into Retribution to carry over elements such as crafting recipes and inventory.

The process of importing the save will work as follows.

Launch Game -> New Game (on main menu) -> Choose which Save Profile -> Import files or Clean Game.

Thanks for the info, much appreciated.

Level 2

Apparently the most recent update fixed this but you have to have the most recent update for the original S&S and there will be an export save button you can use. Also, having the devil statue on your bus in the first one will cause it not to load the save in Ch2. Toss it and it should work. And from what I've heard importing your save takes out some things from your area in the catacombs and at least one early crafting recipe. I found all of this info from YouTube comments and have not gotten a chance to test.

Level 2

Squee66. If you go over to the original Saints and Sinners, there is an export saved game option. You click on that , hit ok. Go over to Retribution and it should see your last saved game.

I did this.  Launched most recent Dave in Saints & Sinners returned to main menu. Exported the save, switched to Retribution and it’s not finding any save data. 

please help!  I don’t want to start from scratch.