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Returning a Device - UN3481 Battery Compliance label link broken

Level 3

Hi - from your instructions....


Packaging your device for return
  1. Use a delivery box large enough to fit your return. Pack your return item(s) carefully.
  2. Print the pre-paid return delivery label (below).
  3. Attach the delivery label to the outside of your delivery box with clear tape.
  4. Click here to print the UN3481 Battery Compliance label. It must be printed in colour and it must not be modified (do not resize it in any way).


However that link doesnt work - please can you share the correct link (or PM me) as a search online only turns up companies trying to sell me rolls of them.


Meta Quest Support
Meta Quest Support

@RayZorJ3lade Edited your message for the link since it's more of an internal thing. 


If you're not able to get your label, I'd highly suggest reaching out to the support team with a ticket or the social support team through PM for this kind of thing. 

Retired Support

Hey @RayZorJ3lade! Just wanted to know if you were able to contact support? Send a PM if you still need help.

Kudos, kudos and more kudos!

Level 3

This has gone from bad to worse, the link to arrange collection was to US DHL and wouldnt collect in UK. The shipping label you sent has not been accepted by either the main depot OR the parcel store they sent me to (50miles+ driving plus half a day missed work and I STILL have the parcel)
I've arranged a call later this evening to try and sort this mess out but you REALLY need to review your returns system.

Level 3

Im trying to do this right now....its still broken and i cannt chat with anyone. First time buying a device from Meta....with this will probably be my last.

How did you contact them? I cant see anywhere to chat or call or email.

@paul.879183, @RayZorJ3lade, Please send a private message so that someone can review your accounts and get things moving!

Kudos, kudos and more kudos!

Quest 2 -> Headset -> Display -> Display Stuck on Error Message -> This Does Not Solve My Problem gets you to the Contact Options page 😉

Thanks Jam, will see how I get on with the call I scheduled first....

I hope you edited the site as well 🙂