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Returning my controllers

Level 2

I recently bought a left and right oculus quest 2 controllers for my headset, I bought my headset secondhand and bought the controllers from Meta as a way to save cost but unfortunately it’s not working and I want to return the controllers (I only had them for two days). I tried everything I could but it just doesn’t seem to be working at all so I’ve been wondering what  do I do  return my controllers and get a refund. Because I don’t want four months of hard work for money to go down the drain and it sucks because I’ve been wanting to do VR for a long time now.


Level 2

I wanted to give a little context to why my set up wasn’t working I was able to technically pair the headset but couldn’t because my headset wasn’t updated but I couldn’t update it because it wasn’t connected to the Wi-Fi and I couldn’t connected to the Wi-Fi because I need my controllers to be connected with my headset but weren’t because I bought them separately and not together out of the box.

Hello! We understand you're experiencing issues with the controllers not pairing with the Meta device, we know that can be very concerning, and the fact that you're unable to enjoy your games is something we don't like to hear. Let's get you up and running again.


Could you please follow the instructions below:

These steps should assist you in dealing with this problem. If you are still experiencing trouble after trying those steps, please open a support ticket here and one of our experts will gladly assist you.

Hello i have had my oculus of aroud 6 to 8 months and 3 days ago the right controler stoped working it was on but not paring i tryed everthing including unparing and repaing the controlers but this did not solve the problem i then tryed a factry rescet and will not let me through because i need bouth controlers cocneted I am aware this is a big issue but can sombody please help