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Beware, if you want to return your device, Facebook has built a return system even more complex that virtual reality itself. I'm certain this will end up in a class-action lawsuit, as it's intentionally impossible to do without involving customer support people for who English is not a primary language and seem unable to to even form correct sentences let alone generate a simple return label. If you are thinking of returning your device, plan ahead, start early and be prepared for a multi-step process from hell. The directions they give DO NOT WORK and customer support DOES NOT CARE.


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Do NOT buy directly from Facebook. Their customer support is horrid. Buy from a third party so you can return it without having to go through Oculus hoops and hurdles.


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I agree 100% I returned my headset on the 22 Oct 2021 I'm still waiting for them to send me a replacement, all they send me is a cut & paste reply back saying we are "waiting for a specialist of the team to provide an update"

I don't think I will ever get it now.

As I am in the UK there nothing I can do, wish someone in America would sue them